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Accutane 3 months NO EFFECT PLEASE HELP

Hi all

I have been using Accutane for nearly 4 months now. 40mg daily. I weigh 50kg. My acne was persistent earlier with very bad scarring. Since starting this treatment it has gone worse :( I had initial flare ups twice which were terrible. At this point I have never in my LIFE been this scarred. I have no cheeks or chin left, everything is a huge botchy mess. Acne is not going away. I am also using topical antibiotic (or something to kill the bacteria) plus am on the pill but ITS NOT WORKING. I have all the side effects, the dryness, nosebleeds, tiredness, depression (partly due to what I see in the mirror)

I use sunscreen and mineral makeup. I cleanse and tone morning and evening. I use tea tree oil on the pimples.

It seems so unfair I should have all the sideeffects and no effects. Can someone please advise?

Am really desperate here

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You may need a high dosage. I am about 115 lbs (55 kg?) and went from 80 mg in my first 2 months to 100 mg. The 100 cleared me up completely, but it wasn't without side effects.

Talk to your derm about a higher dosage. You may have to stop taking Accutane for a while before starting a higher dosage due to toxicity. Also, start seeing a therapist or counselor to deal with depression. I know having bad skin isn't good for the psyche, but Accutane doesn't help. A little prevention can go a long way.

Don't worry about the scarring. You need to clear up your skin before dealing with the scarring. I feel your pain, but using makeup will be easier on clear skin than on acne skin. Also consider stopping with the makeup and other cosmetics-- you need to free your skin of irritants and that includes soap. I've had good experiences with Cerave lotion and cleanser.

I posted a review on Accutane with my own experience you might find helpful.

Good luck! We are all rooting for you!

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