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Glycolic Acid or TCA

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I'm new to this board and have been reading lots of post, but can someone tell me which they have more success with TCA or Gylcolic Acids. I was just about to purchase some GA when I came across this board and started reading here about TCA. First let me give you background on my personal situation. I have acne of course I believe (mild) but whenever I get a zit and a big one at that, no matter what I do it almost always leaves behind a brown spot whether I pick at or not. A brown sport just appears after the pimple or cyst is gone. I don't have any pits or anything just these darn annoying brown spots. So I was wondering what's the best product to try GA products or TCA peels, very confusing. Right now I have a huge brown spot in the middle of my chin from yet another pimple/cyst now when I look in the mirror all I see staring back at me is this ugly dark brown spot. I've also been applying a 4% HO creme that I got from my Derm. I've using now for at least for weeks with no improvement. So is Gylcolic Acids good for this problem or is it TCA. Please share your experiences if you used either one of the products. Remember I have no pits in my face at least just not yet just ugle brown spots.

2bscarfree :angry:

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