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My occupation and Accutane


Looking at all the sideffects Accutane could cause, one caught my eye more than all the others. Muscle/back pain. See, I work in a warehouse where lifting heavy stuff all day is just part of the job. I need to be able to continue to do this and I'm not sure if Accutane would get too much in the way. Is there anything else that I should be worried about while on the stuff? I think driving around on 80,000 collar machines while taking a medication that would disrupt my ability to do so is kind of negligent. Please, anyone with experience, let me know if Accutane would still be okay with me working in this kind of place.


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Nobody will be able to give you a definitive answer regarding if your ability to work will be hindered by accutane. Everyone reacts differently to the drug. Some people get crazy bad back pain, some people don't get any regardless of how much they lift etc.

As for myself.. I was very physically active with sports, lifting, etc while I was on accutane and never had any problems with my back (no muscle pain either).

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I had back pain only for the first month of my course. I'm pretty active, and work out 4 days a week. I never had to stop working out my back due to the pain (I had to stop dead lifting-see next sentence), but if I was bending over and lifiting something heavy at work then the pain could be excruitating. It went away 30 seconds after I was done lifting said object.

No one can tell you if you'll experience back pain and to what severity.

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