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I've had moderate or severe acne since I was 12 and I am 21 now. When I was 18 I decided to go on an acne diet that was gluten/dairy/meat free. It did nothing for acne but I continued with the diet in earnest. I don't care what any vegan says: you are never full on these diets. Most vegans I know look sickly. I constantly felt imbalanced even thought I tried my absolute best to eat alternatives containing the vitamins and minerals found in grains, dairy and meat. I never felt balanced, and another thing about these diets is that the foods are expensive and don't sit in youre stomach very long so I was constantly tired and hungry. I am a human, I have work to do, I don't have time to be constantly snacking, I'm not some kind of graizing animal. Three months ago I started eating meat...then grain...then recently, the dreaded dairy. And you know what? my acne is exactly the same as it was for the four years I was on a gluten/dairy/meat free diet. What a waste of time and money. My biggest regret is that I was eating like this during a time in which I still growing and probably did my body a huge disservice.

I've also tried every single topical acne treatment; from emu oil, tea tree oil, benzoyl, benzoyl with clindoxyl, murad and every drug store brand and everything in between. I can't believe I wasted all this money and time.

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So diet didn't work for you? Not everyone can expect to find a cure in the same area. You experienced zero changes in your skin and/or texture of you skin provided you were eating very different foods and probably getting different sources of nutrients compared to pre-diet stages? This I find hard to believe. It seems like the hydration/oilyness/patterns of acne would have changed at least somehow not necessarily saying in a positive or negative way. You are what you eat and usually changing what you put in your body would change your outward appearance in some way. Plus, not everybody is sensitive to gluten/dairy. Many people find success with paleo diets because of the blood sugar spikes/inflammation that certain carbohydrates can cause. IMO low carb > vegan ;)

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