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so im really confused how emu oil works, ive read alot about it and im sure its got many benefits.

i got emu oil and use it as a spot treatment on my red marks and its done wonders! my red marks are much better except one where ive got a dormat cyst i think (ive bangd on about it enough on my other posts) anyways im also on dans regimen and thats helped clearing me up too infact i have no active acne, though i might get the odd spot now and agaiin. i think ive been on the regimen about 90 or summa days now.

anyways im noticing discoloration. ive read a few post from people who have "tanned" from the regimen. i may be slightly darker than before , but hey thats ok aslong as my acne goes away. though im noticing around my red marks are lighter then it gets slightly darker after i can really describe it much but ill try my best.

its like my red marks (which are fading) are surrounded by slightly liht skin kind of circling them and then it gets darker. i cant notice it when im close to the mirror but i can when i step away from the mirror slighty you now like look at the whole picture kind of thing.

so im trying to think why this is happening. (im not using bp on the red marks because it irritates them and the become inflamed though i am using it around them. could this be it. or could it be emu oil. because im noticing other places where ive applied bp all over then emu oil as spot treatment its occuring there too.

is emu oil lightening my skin. i mean both have their benefits but what could be the problem. im not quite worried about it at the moment because id rather have this than acne, but it is quite concerning. i darent put emu oil all over my face incase i break out.

im kind of hoping someone out there has an answer to my question. im sorry if this is so long but im really confused and in need for help.

thanks. replies would be much appreciated.

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