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My skin started to become dry after eating a vegan diet?

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So I started about 4 days ago.. eating only fruits, vegitable and nuts.. no dairy, wheat, sugar, oil etc.. i've been drinking loads more water (2litres+) so it was going good.. my body acne has decreased alot already.. I use proactiv twice daily I have been using it for 3 years which actually does help me alittle bit.. yesterday I washed my face and afterwards I noticed it was terribly dry all around my mouth and chin which never happens, so I used the moisturizer that came with my proactiv and it was still dry! Today I didn't wash my face this morning just put a moisturizer and it's still dry.. I don't understand I've been drinking plenty of water which I thought was suppose to hydrate my skin not dry my skin out.. Has anyone ever had this problem before? I haven't been doing anything differently at all besides eating better!?! Now I feel just like going back to my old diet atleast I wouldn't have this stupid dry skin that makes it all worse and looks horrid! Thanks

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I'm going to try only washing my face at night. What are some food with healthy fats I could eat?

If you are sticking with a vegan diet, then olive oil, avocados, coconut and nuts. And you might want to supplement omega 3 fats.

If not, eggs from pastured chickens, whole fat yogurt or kefir from pastured animals, and fatty fish.

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Maybe your skin has normalized somewhat and proactive is too harsh. And maybe you aren't eating enough fats. Or both.

Totally agree.

Good fats - get some EFAs from hemp - seeds, oil etc. and bit of flax and chia are good too

use some good oils on your skin like jojoba or coconut butter to help hydrate

it's gonna be shaky for a while as your body gets used to the changes but it's a very amazing machine, it will find its balance

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If most of your diet consistes of fruits and vegetables, it is very important to make sure you are getting enough calories for you body type and activity level. Fruits and veggies are not calorie dense, so they will fill you up with less calories than other foods (meat, grains, etc.) Nuts on the other hand are very calorie dense but also full of fat, so don't eat too many of them (though make sure to get enough fat in your diet). I'm not sure if not eating enough would cause dry skin, but it's worth checking :)

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