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Does anyone LIKE their scars/red marks?

Okay, before I get to the actual question... let me just say this. I am a teenager. I have my insecurities just like any other teenager. I cover up my acne/scars/red marks with makeup. While my makeup never removes all traces of my acne problem, it does cover a lot of imperfections, so most people at school have no idea how bad my acne problem truly is. No one has ever actually said anything to me about it, but whether they see me as the elephant in the middle of the room or not is something that I'd rather them keep to themselves. The fact that I don't usually show my scars may seem to contradict the question I'm going to ask, but hopefully this will all make sense to someone.

Sometimes at the end of the day, when my makeup starts to fade and my scars/red marks begin to show through, I actually kind of... like them. Without any makeup on, my scars and red marks look horrible. But when makeup helps them to even out, I think they add something to the way I look. I don't mean that they make me look BETTER, but I feel like they make me different. I know most of you will probably say that in this case, being different isn't a good thing... but when some of my darker marks (purple/brown marks) begin to show through after my makeup starts to wear off, I almost like having them. Now, if I had my choice of scars/red marks or perfectly clear skin, I'd choose perfectly clear skin in a heartbeat.. but because I've accepted that I have scars/discoloration and probably always will, I've grown to recognize them as being a part of me.

When my makeup starts to wear off, I look at my scars/marks and see them as "battle scars"... or at least that's what I like to call them. I feel like my scars and marks give me something that people with clear skin don't have... a kind of strength that I had to develop in order to accept my scars. My ability to take my scars in stride and actually look at them without absolutely abhorring my appearance makes me feel a bit stronger, a bit more dignified than those who have clear skin and still aren't satisfied (just in terms of their skin, I mean... any other flaws people may have are their own personal issues that I have no business in). I don't mean to say this with a "oh, you're all just shallower than me" attitude because that's definitely not the case... but I just feel that accepting my scars/marks adds another dimension to not just my appearance, but also to me as a person, that others don't have.

Does anyone else see their scars/marks as "battle scars" that they can look at and see what they've struggled through for so long and have finally learned to accept? Or do I just sound like a wishful-thinking teenager who has created an excuse to help her accept her scars and red marks? I'd really like to know what some of you think about this, whether you agree with it or not. I'll be happy to get any responses to the question at all :)

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I'm currently sixteen, and I've had acne since I was ten. My acne was worst when I was in middle school, so most of the scars/red marks are from that time onward. So I'm guessing out of the six years I've had acne, I've had scars/red marks for about the past four or five.

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