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Accutane - 3rd Time - DIDN'T Work This Time

I took accutane 3 years ago for the first time. 5 months. Worked wonderfully. Amazing.

Some acne came back a year later. Went on it again. 5 Months. Again, worked amazingly. Awesome.

About 4 months ago I noticed a few pimples, nothing big though, just something I didn't want.

So I went to my derm, and he agreed to let me do a few weeks at 40mg (I weigh 185 lbs.) just to clear up those little bastards.

After a month of that, my acne got worse. WAY worse.

So he decided to do another run with it.

It's now 4 months later. I'm now at 100mg/day. In these last 4 months, my accutane has NEVER been worse. Face, back, chest. Disgusting. Lol.

I saw him last month and all he said was, "That doesn't make sense" and "We gotta keep going."

DUDE. I was about to smack this whitecoat mofo.

So now I see him tomorrow, and to sum it up, this, my 3rd time on accutane, has made my acne awful.

It's never not worked for me, and this time around, it's only made something that was totally fine into a serious problem.

Empirically and objectively looking at this, it 100% stands to reason it's the accutane that's made all of this happen...like it's had a REVERSE effect.

What do you think? Do I just go off of it and everything will go back to normal?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I appreciate them.


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maybe the first few times the reason it came back was because you didnt get worse before it got better. maybe the dosage you were on before was too low to make the results stick. truth be told i thinnk 3 times on accutane is too much, on your body and your mind. but if you're in this far might as well stick it out and see what happens

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