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'prickly' spot

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Hi all.

I keep getting spots that start like a blocked pore but 'prickle' in the middle where I can see a white centre that is deep under the skin. The spot won't heal until the white 'core' comes out and once it has it heals. However, the core does not come out unless I use tweezers and when it does it is a solid, white stalk - like hard thing that goes very deep and leaves a small hole. I have tried leaving them because I end up with a permanent hole and scarring but if I do the spot becomes red, prickly and itchy and the skin breaks. Like I say once it is out it usually heals but sometimes will re-occur again and then finally go. They usually last weeks and sometimes months on and off but do eventually heal and leave scars.

Any idea what they are? They are not like normal spots really, and I usually have 1 or 2 at most at any 1 time.

Thanks :dance:

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I get itchy bumps on my chin that last for days, sometimes weeks. I can't see the white part until it gets red and swollen, then starts to heal/crust over. The crust/scab will fall off and then I see the white part that I can squeeze out. But the itching at the beginning is terrible! I recently thought it might be an allergic reaction to food because I don't get these often. I was thinking I'm allergic to celery, but it may just be acne!!!!

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