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4 days in less redness, marks etc but more whiteheads ? What am doin wrong?

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Hi everyone 4 days in using Penzoyl Peroxie 2.5%, SIMPLE Moisturiser and Witch foaming face wash. I sleep with a towel on my pillow (for about 3 days anyways) , before it was the redness and the bumps on my face that got me with the whiteheads also annoying but they wernt as bad. The more days i seem to get it the more i get, yesterday I had about 8 - 9 whitehead today i have about 9. what am i doin wrong to much BP? i use it 2wice a day. first i cleanse dry my face apply bp then about an hour later i apply the moisturiser. i eat abit of junk food should that be cut out?

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Hey there,

I think this happens to a lot of people; it certainly happened to me. You're not doing anything wrong, it's just everything coming to the surface. Whiteheads are a good sign because it means that the zits aren't deep, and so they probably won't leave red marks for so long and will go away quickly. Hang in there, 4 days is barely any time at all! The first 2 months are a real roller coaster for many, so put your head down and GOOD LUCK!

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you're 4 days in. now is no time for worry, or speculation, or overthinking, or anything. you don't see any sort of results in 4 days.

take a look at this page, and just relax. keep it up, and good luck:

What to Expect

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Thanks to you both. Through the week when I have a breakout. do I apply anything onto the spots so they heal quick and will popping the spot just completley get rid of it ? Just incase I go too see friends, I don't really want a face full of whiteheads. Thanks.

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