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Minocycline side effects

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So I'm new to prescription acne medication and having to take antibiotics daily in general.

I've only just started seeing my dermatologist as well and his office has been almost impossible to get in contact with so this is why I'm now posting this here.

My dermatologist prescribed two minocycline 100mg per day. One in the morning and one at night.

He also prescribed clindamycin + bp for a topical antibiotic.

Now I know the usual side effects for minocycline included the dizziness and upset stomach. I do get somewhat dizzy and my stomach starts growling here and there but nothing too bad.

However, a few days into taking minocycline, the problem I noticed is my urine started to get a lot darker and almost orange in color. At first I didn't think much of it but then it was the same the next day.

I have since stopped taking it just in case and everything has since gone back to normal.

Any ideas if this is something to worry about until I can get back in contact with my derm?

Thanks in advance

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Hey man, ive taken minocycline twice, 50mg a day for 2 months, then 100mg a day for 3 months.. i never got any side effects whatsoever - from both dosages. It never worked for me either.

Regarding darker urine, this never happened at all when i took it, and yeah like you said id get in contact with your derm as soon as you can. It could be nothing, maybe just a reaction? .. but best to make sure its not doing any harm. Good luck

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