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The 10-12 hour interval important?

Hello everybody,

I'm on the regimen for about 5 months now and it is really doing wonders to my acne!

But I have a question regarding the adviced 10-12 hours interval between two applyments of BP, is it really important? Because sometimes I woke up at around 10am (10:00) and apply BP at around 10:15am. Throughout the day I work or relax (he, its vacation here :dance: ).

It regularly happens that I decide to take a shower after the evening dinner, so my shower takes place at around 6:20pm (18:20). As you see there is just a 8 hour interval between the two applyments of BP and moisterizer. Is this a problem and can this be harmful to my skin?

Sorry for my bad English. Thats because I dont live in a native English country. If you spot a mistake regarding my English, enlight me!

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Wow, you're English is very good! Don't even worry about that, I did not even notice!

Anyways, the 10-12 hour intervals is for consistency and so that your skin can be "bacteria free" (don't know how to explain it) or relatively bacteria free so that the treatments are not too close together.

I guess it could also be for irritation if products are used too close together (<8 hours).

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