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Would appreciate some advice (pics included)

I will try to keep this short and utilize bullet points.

-Female - 30 - Pale/Red Skin Tone White Girl

- Had acne since teen. Very bad in my family, genetic issues.

- When I was 25 something kicked in with my hormones and I developed extreme cystic acne.

- I tried a lot of laser procedures that left me with scars due to their extraction before the treatments. Very painful, no results, and the place shut down due to being a crock. Be warned/stay educated.

- After a lot of research and reading studies I decided to go with Photodynamic Light Therapy because I still had very active acne and started using a glycolic acid cleanser and vitamin based moisturizer for sensitive/allergy skin.

-The Photodynamic Light Therapy didn't stop the acne completely (I will get into why) but it dramatically changed my skin. I no longer have deep pussy cysts and I heal a lot faster. Had I figured out what I know now when I was going through the treatment, I would bet it would have worked even better.

- I have done extensive research in acne, studies, anecdotal, etc. I have done a 1001 personal experiments and am very methodical in logging the changes. For myself (and it seems to be very different for everyone) I have a inflammation/infection based acne that is triggered by food intolerance and general allergies.

- For the most part my acne is undercontrol, at least I think. That is one aspect that I need help with. I can say for a fact that I no longer get cystic acne or have painful breakouts.

- I have been thinking on no trying to heal my scars, deal with my skin texture and work on getting my complexion cleaner and even clearer now.

I have done tons of forum search and reading and basically I need some honest opinion and an outside perspective on where to go next. First here is a picture of my skin from as many angles as I could get. I purposefully used the worst lighting and basically this is as bad as it looks, but it can look a little worse in the "dimpling area".

My questions are as followed.

1. I was thinking of starting to use TCA for treatment of my slight leftover active problems, evening of skin tone and smaller scars. Does this seem like a good idea?

2. If I use this, is there a good place to find the best method/kind to use? From what I read you want to start with a 12.5/15% and advance, but the steps I am a little fuzzy on. I also notice some people talking about RetinA use before being important, I don't use that. I do use a cleansing system that has a low level Glycolic Acid in it.

3. I seem to have "acne" that isn't acne but almost hive like because of my allergies and bumps under the skin that just won't go away. They don't for a head, they don't do anything. They are just there and have been there. It doesn't seem to be the raised scars though (at least from pictures). Could it be "trapped" pimples? Could the peel help "open" it up overtime and come out?

I am aware of how long this can take and taking it slowly. I have no problem with doing that. I just don't want to do it wrong.

If you think there is something I am missing or have any help to offer, that would be great.



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Sorry, I didn't realize you couldn't link as a new poster. I uploaded the pics. Thanks again.

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okay i understand your problem butt i do think there is a solution or at least a better way to help your sking extremley . i have had acne for about three years now but also body acne chest & back. it runs in my family so i searched for hours & hours on the internet . :confused: & i was extremly confused didnt know what to beleive so i chose proactive worst thing i learned it worsened my acne . i leearned never to use anything chemicaly . i now go to a more natural aproach. for example i have tried baking soda = to harsh for my sking i have tried potatoe for my scars= worked for a certain extent. i have tried aloe vera it cleared my whole back but not my face idk why i think its becaused of the makeup. try to remember that i also play sports soccer. but the thing that works for me is cinnonom , honey , & lemon juice sqeezed in a little container & i apply it with my finger & spoon. it has helped me EXTREMLEY & strongley reccomend it !!! my daily routine is this wake up in the morning wash my face steame it then apply the mask leave it on for twenty to 30 minutes wash off. at night before i go to sleep after my day is done apply mask then take a shower & go to sleep . it has helped me extremly with scars breakouts pimples. i know this wasnt your question but i hope it helps you i would also try to rub tomatoe on my face works .

p.s. after the mask your face may stay red for 30 minutes if its sensitive mine is but it works so i dont really care just put soothing lotoion i use aveeno with spf 30 good luck hope it helps you :dance:

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Hi there,

Have you been to a dermatologist? What worries me is that you describe your acne as hive like and from what I have read on these boards a few people have had "hive like" acne that has actually turned out to be an allergic reaction or an infection and they have been able to clear it up quite quickly once it was diagnosed.

In regards to your scars, to me, once you get that redness out I don't think you scarring is that bad at all. I have seen a couple of good results with lactic acid peels. You can search under the scars gallery for "lactic acid". Personally I have been toying around with vbeam but only done 1 treatment so i cant recommend it yet.


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