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My tip for acne.org regimen

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When i started out the regimen i was doing it on my full face. I just couldnt deal with the irritation and flakiness all over that just wouldnt go away. This might make some people discontinue the regimen. I'm not sure if people already do this but....simply just pick one area of face (forehead, chin, etc.) to start out on the regimen. After irritation/flakiness subsides and you are pretty much clear there, start out the regimen on the next area of your face, and so on.. (while continuing the regimen wherever else you did it) . I did this and found it much easier to stick with the regimen, producing better results. Although i didnt put bp all over my face at the beginning, i did wash and moisurize everywhere. Good luck to all!

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Thanks for the tip! :) But wouldn't this is bothersome? To try to remember where and how much you put on? I'm just thinking. Cause when I cleanse and treat and stuff, I just slab it on all over. I treat it all the same. Plus then we'd have to start using way smaller portions then we are already used to squeezing out. Hmmm...

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this is what i do. i only do it on my cheeks because im more prone to acne there. however if i do get a spot elsewhere i spot treat it with bp. i dont break out on my chin though i might get one odd spot once in a blue moon so i dont do it there plus my skin gets waaaaay to dry and fllaky there when i do so.

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