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What has worked for me (no bs)

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Hello Everyone,

I have been a member of this board for years, but have not been posting on here in about 3 years because I have been completley clear. I recently had a question that I could not find an answer to so I decided to return and share my story in the process.

I have acne for about 7 years an tried everything on the shelves to no avail, however I will say that my acne was never thaaat bad. It was very stubborn but out of respect to those who are suffering some serious cases on here many people would probably have traded skin with me if they could.

My current regimen may sound harsh and maybe it is and my skin has just gotten used to it, but this has been extremely effective for me and has stood not only the tests of time, but of a bodybuilding diet, 6 days a week of training with supplementation and lots of travel.

I currently only wash my face once a day, in the evening, and I wash with a 10% BP wash and lightly exfoliate with a baby brush (extremely soft). Afterward while face is still slightly damp I apply a light layer of tretinoin (retin-a) cream .1%.

this has kept me 99% clear for the last 2.5 years and still going. Not only do I rarely get a blemish but my skin tone is extremely smooth and bump free. I will say that even though 10% BP wash is not a prescription drug, my wash is a prescription from a company called perrgiro. I have found that when in prescription form the wash is much less harsh and the other ingredients are of better quality and there is no drying or burning from using it. The brush i use is designed for a babys head so it is extremely soft and effective at exfoliating while not irritating.

I also must say that while I have been clear for so long, my face has a generaly red tone. It does not look sun burnt or chmical burnt like mayne people who use harsh pruducts do, but the retin-a definatley makes my skin tone red. It is not that big of a deal and I have learned to accept it as such. Especially when the alternative is acne. I one time stopped this regimin to see if I could reduce my redness and my acne immedialtey returned with avengence until I switched back.

the nice thing about this regimen is it so reliable, it works consisitenly whether my diet changes (bodybuilidng) or I get no sleep (Army) or even if I skip a day or two all together.

I discovered this by trial and error and would reccommend this to anyone however I have also learned what works for one person may not work for someone else so knows how effective it may be.

My only question if anyone is still reading is, what might be my best course fo action to reduce redness. Again its not dry or peeling just a red tone, I have considered trying to get a lower dose of BP wash or reitn a cream but dont know the effectivness of the less powerful dosages and dont want my acne to return. Also considered using a moisturizer but its not that my face is so much dry as it is my skin is just red from the retin-a. Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post.

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