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Why we want to stop picking!

I made a list early in my journey of reasons I want to stop picking and I think it would be cool if we all posted our lists (you can have repeats) and maybe you can find new reasons to stop in this thread!

1. so i can feel confident and beautiful

2. so i can make friends because i wont always be worrying that they think i have horrible skin

3. so i can let my boyfriend brush my bangs away from my face lovingly. (if he ever tries I cover my face and bat him away. I jsut want to be able to accept the love)

4. so that i can feel worthy of love from others

5. so that I can stop worrying about it all the time and spending all my time in the mirror. I dont want it to be the center of my life anymore


7. so i can feel strong

8. so i can give others the strength and support to beat this

9. so i can deal with my problems in a healthy way

10. so i can love myself!

Why do you want to stop?

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1. So I can go on vacation without hiding in corners.

2. So I can stop canceling my plans to hide in my house.

3. So I can learn to express my stress and insecurity in a healthy way.

4. So I can go to the beach during the summer.

5. So I can stop staying home from school and work.

6. So my family will stop saying that I'm miserable and that they don't want to be around me.

7. So that people will stop staring at me and feeling sorry for me.

8. So I can make new friends.

9. So that I can overcome my depression.

10. So I can talk to him without being embarrassed.

11. So that I can feel beautiful, happy, and free.

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1. So I can walk to the shops without looking at the ground and have the wind pushing my hair away without feeling hideous

2. Overcome all my social anxieties and depression

3. Be able to concentrate on my interests

4. Not take days off work or make up stupid excuses not going out just because of my skin

5. Maybe finally get a boyfriend! HAHAHAHHAA

6. Be able to look in a mirror without bursting into tears

7. Not taking out my fustration on people close to me because of bad skin day

8. I'm getting obsessed with my skin and am so sick of it its taking over my life

9. So I can just be happy - can't remember what thats like

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1. So that I can be confident again.

2. So I can regain control of my life, rather than my skin controlling it.

3. So that I don't HAVE to cover my face in horrid make up before anybody sees me.

4. So I can be happy again.

5. So I can let people look me in the face without worrying that they're thinking how disgusting my skin looks.

6. So that I can have smooth, clean, blemish free skin.

7. So I can stop annoying people with being miserable and moaning about how horrid I feel.

8. So I can feel 'normal'.

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Guest beccaboo00

i want to stop because:

it makes me look way worse.

i want my boyfriend to see my real skin and me not be ashamed.

i want to not wear makeup 24/7.

i want scar free, acne free, and scab free skin.

i want to stop worrying about my face when im out.

and of course what we all want is to feel beautiful naturally.


picking sucks and its so hard to stop

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so that i can heal

so that i can be happy

so that i don't get any more of these horrible scars!

so that i can face the world, and my friends, and myself

because i don't deserve to be picked on so much!

so i dont go to bed every night upset because my skin is so inflamed and painful after picking it

bah..SOOO many reasons!!

i am throwing away my close-up vanity mirror thing RIGHT NOW. we can do it!

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