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Would Growth Hormormones and Testorone boosters affect medication?

man i def wouldnt mess around with that stuff while your on tane. im an avid gymgoer and supplement junkie but since i started accutane i dont take anything. well just protein actually. Ive taken several bottles of test booster and they have worked well, but its hard to say whether or not they affected my skin. Theoretically it is possible, since testosterone increases oil production i believe. which is why steroids and acne are completely linked. save the supps till after tane man just lift heavy do the right exercises and watch your protein intake.

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If either of those actually increased HGH or testosterone, I'd say bad, bad idea for your skin. But they won't.

Like kazuya said, lift heavy, do fewer reps, do compound lifts, use only free-weights, limit your workout sessions to less than one hour, get enough sleep, eat healthy saturated fats (coconut oil, palm oil, avocados, butter), increase healthy calorie intake, etc. There's a lot you can do to increase your testosterone in a healthy way, but keep it within normal limits.

Virtually the only supplement that has ever been proven to safely promote muscle growth is creatine. As far as real scientific evidence is concerned, no safe supplement can significantly increase testosterone levels.

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