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First off, I've been meaning to do this for a while but have been lazy, but here goes! Pictures will come soon once I transfer them from my phone.

My story is probably nothing you haven't her off before; I started getting acne in my teens, around 16 which was a few spots here and there and gradually it got worse until now (21) where I am taking accutane! Went through all the different medications, minocycline, lymecycline, erythromycin, etc. none of them worked. Fortunately my hair did a good job of hiding most of it.

Right so what I've been prescribed is 30mg once daily. I also take vitamin E capsule E-100 i.u. and some fish oil supplements mainly just because I might aswell!

So far I'm about a month and a half into my course and *touch wood* my blood tests have been normal (I assume so, they never mentioned anything about them my last visit)

Day1 (02/07/2010)

These first pics (soon to come) show what my acne was like before I started my course. The photos were taken a while back, so not on the day I started but they pretty much show my acne at its worse (my acne fluctuated). The day I started I had less larger spots than these photos but more smaller ones.

After week 1

(pics to come)

Already noticed a big improvement (lucky!) And as of yet I'm still very oily so no dryness yet. I wash my face with hibi scrub despite my derm saying not to as I like knowing my face is clear of bacteria, and because my face is still very oily.

After week 2

(pics to come)

I appear to have missed the IO phase fortunately and my face continues to improve! My lips are beginning to get dry, skin is still oily. I'm a lot more tired than usual and keep having naps during the day. This could be due to the accutane or perhaps hayfever or because it's been so hot recently. I use normal chapstick for my lips and continue with hibi scrub as a face wash.

After week 3

(pics to come)

My nose is really crusty (ew) and I have nose bleeds all the time which probably isn't helped by my picking. Lips are still dry and my face seems less oily but not dry. Face hasn't changed much. I've had a few new ones but I broke the no drinking rule for my graduation and slept on the couch for a couple of nights with lacking hygiene. No unusual effects after a heavy night of binge drinking different from the usual hangover. I'm sorry liver.

After week 4

Nose is still bad, nosebleeds still occur frequently but don't last long, I stick a bit of tissue there for like 20 seconds and it stops. Skin hasn't changed much, I have a lot of red marks, so I guess those will fade in time. Still getting new ones pop up here and there. I'll take pictures less frequently now so you can see more of a change. My lips... o boy! They are cracked and swollen like mad! I've started putting slab loads of Vaseline on to counter to no avail. I've also noticed loads of pronounced blackheads on and around my nose; I read somewhere here this is because they are being pushed to the surface by accutane. I don't get tired so easily now, guess that was a phase.

After week 5

Thanks to the usual acne.org research I brought some new lip balms to help counter my sad lips: Carmex in a little pot, Burt's Bees in a stick and a hemp chapstick. I also wanted to try Aquaphor but I don't think they sell it in the UK. I got Carmex first so I've been using that and wow!! Works a charm. My lips were cracked to the point any lip movement opened up a cut, but after only couple days of using carmex (and trying to poke food through my mouth without opening it) my mouth is almost healed! Unfortunately I've got loads of tiny bumps around my mouth, I'm not sure if they are tiny spots from all the lipbalm I've been putting around my mouth... Hopefully they will go away soon. The carmex has a sort of menthol feel to it which tingles on your lips and is very soothing. I only brought the other two today so I'll tell you how they are in the next update. I got them as sticks rather than in a pot so it's easy to use when I'm out and about. The hemp one feels softer than the Burt's Bees, but the Burt's Bees has a nice peppermint tingle similar to the Carmex lip balm. I plan to start doing weights soon and taking whey protein again so I'll see whether I get any of the muscle or joint side effects!

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by!

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