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After 10 years of acne and 5 years of research & trials, here is my cure!


Severe facial acne starting around 12 years old.

Severe back acne starting around 17.

Now 24.

Tried but did not work:

-Over the counter crap

-Parasite cleanse

-Low GI diet

-No sugar diet


-Chinese medicine

-Vitamins and supplements (B, Omega 3, etc)

My diet is and always was pretty healthy, I could not fathom how someone who eats salad with every meal, avoids processed foods and drinks water over soda every time can have such bad skin! This was mind boggling, depressing and downright unfair!

So I started experimenting with different things listed above, I've tried all sort of supplements, vitamins, cleanses, diets... except ONE!



After 5 years of research, trials and experiments, I truly do believe that 95% of adult acne is caused by a FOOD ALLERGY/INTOLERANCE.

In my case it was gluten, a lot of people are sensitive to dairy and soy.

I would suggest cutting those things out of your diet for about 2 weeks.. you WILL see dramatic improvement.. IF YOU DO IT PROPERLY.. I did not do it right at first.

There are a lot of HIDDEN gluten sources in foods you wouldn't think of. Salad dressings, deli meats and hamburgers come to mind.. DO RESEARCH, a lot of those stuff have wheat fillers.

EVEN A SMALL AMOUNT OF GLUTEN CAN CAUSE BREAKOUTS.. this one got me real good a couple weeks ago.. I was out of town and craving ice cream... so I found a place that looked good.. I did not even think for a second ice cream could have gluten in it! I ate a bucket load and suffered for the next 2 weeks! So BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU EAT.

Also gluten sensetivity is hard do diagnose so don't trust your doctor to tell you you don't have it! JUST TRY ELIMINATION DIET.

Oh btw I am now acne free :dance: (as long as I avoid gluten) and the best part.. I don't have to give up sugar like I first thought.. as long as the sweets are gluten free.. enjoy! SNICKERS bars and M&Ms come to mind!

I think that is about it..

Any questions.. ask away.

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Yes glutan seem's to be a major cause of my acne

but it's hard to cut glutan out of your diet 100%.

It's in so much including things bread and pasta

You have to have money and time to eat glutan free all the time.

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The scary thing is that wheat gluten is in EVERYTHING.

Can be found in all these food sources:

Baking Powder


Blue Cheese

Brown rice syrup

Caramel colorings or flavorings

Cereal fillers, protein or starch

Citric Acid



Corn Starch

Curry Powder


Dispersing Agents


Excipients (in prescription medications, for consistency)

Extracts (in grain alcohol)


Flavorings (in grain alcohol)

Flours made from wheat, barley, oats, and rye

Grain alcohol (beer, ale, rye, scotch, bourbon, grain vodka)

Gum base

Homeopathic remedies

Hydrolyzed protein, Hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP), Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)

Malt or Malt Flavoring (barley malt, malt vinegar)


Modified starch, Modified food starch (made from wheat)

Mono- and di-glycerides (made using a wheat starch carrier)

Natural flavorings

Oils (wheat germ oil and others with gluten additives)


Soy sauce (when fermented with wheat)

Spices (if anti-caking agent used)

Starch (modified food starch, edible starch)

Textured vegetable protein (TVP)

Vegetable gum

Vegetable protein or starch

Vinegars (white, or malt)

Vital wheat gluten (common in soy products)

Vitamin E oil

But also in things like shampoos, toothpaste, household cleaners, EVERYWHERE!!

This is probably why it is such an insane allergen as it is so pervasive in our society!!

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How long was it before you seen results? I've been on it for just under a month and have slight results, lately its been all about the green tea method!

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