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Smooth Beam, Needling, Subscision?? What to do???

Hello everyone,

I just have these 3 very tiny depressed scars on my cheek. When I mean depressed I mean like BARELY depressed. I don't know what you'd call them because they don't seem to fit any of the "icepick" "boxscar" "rolling" scar descriptions. So I was just wondering what to use on them. Smooth beam? If you have used smooth beam what are your results? Is it possible that my nearly invisible scars could vanish completely since they are so insignificant? What are some other methods? I've tried to find a thread similar to this but I couldn't. Everyone else's problems on here seem to be way worse than mine.

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Hey Cutie1991,

I'm also curious about this, too. I have two very slight scars on one check, and one on the other (other people don't notice them - but I do!). I was thinking laser treatments might be a bit too much for how little these are... But I don't know! I tried using a 1.0mm Derma Stamp (not a roller, as I don't have scarring everywhere). I don't think the needles were long enough, so I ordered a 2.0mm Derma Stamp, which I will have very soon. I've also done a few peels (organic), use AHA+, use Emu Oil, a 17% Vitamin C serum, and a product called Smooth E, which has Vitamin E, A, Centella Essence, and Jojoba oil. These three little scars came about from a breakout I had back in March, so they are relatively new. I'm wondering if they will disappear on their own... I know scars take about one year to finally stop forming/changing.

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