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How long does Jojoba oil take to unblock pores?

Hi guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me out?

I recently started using the oil cleansing method using a combo of jojoba and castor oil as my skin has started getting crazily dry as I've been getting older (I'm 26 now) and it was flaking all the time no matter how much moisturiser I was using.

After about four days, my skin stopped flaking, but it broke out really badly on my chin. I got 15 huge spots on my chin in ONE day and have millions of whiteheads now-though my chin was always very blocked. The rest of my face is okay (lots tiny blackheads, but I can live with that)

I went back on my antibiotics (Oxytetracyline) last week which I'd come off a couple of months before (they kept me spot-free, but my doc wanted me to give them a break). I ditched the castor oil, but have carried on moisturising with jojoba oil for the past two weeks or so.

I've gone back to cleansing with a gentle wash off cleanser and carried on applying apply Mandelic acid in the evenings and spot treating with tea tree oil. I use foundation with saliytic acid in it (Almay)

I don't wash my face in the morning as it seems to break out less that way.

Mandelic acid kept my skin beautifully clear for about two years all on its own, but it just doesn't seem to work anymore.

I'm hoping the antibiotics work again, but it's only a matter of time till my skin gets immune to them so I really want a long-lasting solution and they won't help unblock my pores anyhow.

I haven't had anymore breakouts since the last time but my pores are still seriously congested and my chin looks horrendous!

I know that the oil cleansing method causes purging so maybe that's why I broke out, but I keep reading that it's supposed to dissolve the oil in blocked pores and mine just look worse than ever. How long is this supposed to take?

Would appreciate anyone's help! x

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The oil cleansing method is not for everybody, it can leave a residue on the skin that with time can clog pores. I am all for natural methods though, actually the skincare that I use is basically the oil cleansing method (it doesn't contain any soaps) but the company I buy it from will not sell it without the toner as the toner removes the excess residue. Castor oil is pretty thick so it can be pretty hard to get fully off the skin. There are a few other things I'd like to suggest/reference in your regimen. Stay away from drugstore skincare and makeup (including most mainsream makeup), they are loaded with chemicals and fillers that can actually cause chemical induced acne. I am a big fan of natural products as my acne is pretty much gone, once I tossed all my mainstream cosmetics/toiletries. I think it is gross that they use propelyne glycol (a greasing/lubricating agent) in makeup/skincare when it is a main ingredient in breakfluid. Dimethicone/silicones are also a big one that can cause acne for a lot of people. Your best bet for makeup would be to go with mineral makeup, by saying mineral makeup I mean a good clean brand. Mineral makeup varies from company to company and can have just as many fillers and chemicals as drugstore products. So look for one with the least amount of ingredients as possible and stay away from any that contain silicones and bismuth oxychloride. Bismuth can cause major itching and acne. Mineral makeup is best though because it has very few ingredients and contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide both of which are highly antiinflammatory, meaning it will help inflammation and your skin can get better while you wear it as it also soaks up excess oil throughout the day. The other thing is the antibiotics, everyone deserves a clear face but be very careful, antibiotics wipe out both the good bacteria and bad bacteria, very quickly, even though you are taking probiotics, you may no be able to catch up and could open yourself up to Candida. If you get candida (yeast/fungus overgrowth) it can cause major acne/depression etc. which can be a vicious cycle to be in. I would highly suggest going as natural as possible there are some great natural products out there that have helped me be pretty much acne free. In your case though if you are going to do the OCM you may want to try making a toner for the residue. You can make a toner with organic apple cider vinegar 1tsp to 1/2 cup bottled water (you can add essential oils if you like), shake and apply with cotton ball. Be carefull which moisturizer you use afterward, the ingredients in it can mess with success. I now for sure though maybellines products will break you out. I know some good natural brands if you need any suggestions, otherwise you can try some products at home. Instead of using jojoba and castor, try using 1tbl extra virgin olive oil, 1tbl of honey, 1tbl of flour or kaolin clay and water to make a paste. The flour adds natural exfoliation, honey is antibacterial and olive oil has naturally occuring antioxidants and antifungal/bacterial properties. Good Luck!~

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Thanks for your help. I'm coming to the conclusion that it's not going to work for me as lots of plugs are coming out, but seem to be coming back again. I'm coming off the antibiotics soon as the Candida thing is definitely an issue for me. I've been given a Retin A gel which I hope will work and I've been wheat-free for a good two weeks which I think might be reducing the inflammed spots...early days though. We'll see!

I did use mineral make-up some years ago and loved it, but now my skin's so much dryer these days it just made it even more flaky but I didn't realise it contained anti inflammatory minerals in it which is really interesting and I'll have a look into it.

Thanks again!

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