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So basically I have gotten rid of almost all of my acne except for three noticeable but not horrid pimples, the thing is now I have scars and I don't know what to do. I am thinking of trying Dan's AHA but I'm really scared that I might break out from it and then keep breaking out and I was also thinking of maybe doing some TCA peels myself but I'm sure I would just end up messing up or something. I would go to a dematologist but right now my parents can't afford that and plus I'm afraid they might rip me off or something. Haha so basically I'm afraid to do anything XP

The kind of scars that I have are some red shallow scars and a couple of small rolling scars. It's really not that bad but I just want to not have to wear so muh foundation because of it. So if anyone could just give me some advice on what products I could try first or perhaps some home remedies of some kind or anything haha, I just need some guidance.


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well I think the best time to deal with scars is when you are completely acne free! and then maybe use some topicals for scars like mederma, I like mederma its not harsh but it may take awhile,I've heard lemon is also good for whitening skin a little bit, and for stopping your skin from scaring the best thing to do i guess is keep it moisturized with using jojoba oil( which I am desperately looking for right now!) good luck!

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moved this to Scar Treatments section as it's not about the Acne.org regimen.

i'd definitely recommend trying some AHA. it can really do some great things for the complexion.

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