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Hi recently (past year or so) My acne has been very out of control, I have tried many types of products,All have failed or made my acne to minimal but never 100% clear. Recently I have been getting white heads in the past 5months ever. I never had whiteheads EVER just normal pimples.I have alot of white heads when I hold air in my mouth and make my cheeks expand I see a whole bunch of white spots that pop very easy, I have had a problem poping them I have pop nearly 60% of them at one time making my skin very red for a few hours. I will give you a bio



First acne:13 very little

First breakouts:14 1/2 around 8th grade (now 10th)

Ethnicity:25% Japanese,25%German,12.5%%Italian,12.5%swedish,25%portuguese

Skin tone: slight tan

have had oil skin for past 3months first time.

mother: has oily skin she has acne without BC

father:Acne when teen, adult virtuely none.

Brother: Battle acne for 5years starting at 13 gradually going away at 19.

I PLAY SPORTS, Football,wrestle,track

I am clean I wash my face in the morning, after practice/sweating periods.

I do not drink soda maybe once every 2 weeks

I have cut down on fastfood 4 times a month I will ultimately stop soon.

I eat Alot

I drink water up to a 8 bottles a day max

I love meat I am really trying to cut down on meats and trying to eat more vegetables and fruits

I drink normal milk even though im lactose.

Increase in Oily skin in past month, my mother has very oily skin.

Daily Regimen :


Clear pore "Cleanser/mask- morning during shower

daily regimen "Acnefree 3 step"

Tetracycline 250MG pill Twice of a day


Clear Pore "Cleanser/mask" every other day I use mask is this Safe?

Tetracycline 250mg Pill "twice a day

Tretinoin Cream 0.025%


Is this plan safe or dangerous? I am curious in adding zin 50mg to my plan, ANY ADVICE WILL BE WANTED, Is their anything else I can do or change?

Sorry for my poor grammer I have not read a book in 2 months nor school. :confused:

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You are on tetracycline I would cut out the mask, unless your derm recommended it. The tertracycline and tretinoin should help on their own. How long have you been on that regimen? Try to start with the basics. Tetracycline and tretinion are a good start. Instead of the pore cleansing mask, a simple cleanser may help.

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