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anyone know how to get rid of

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well i only get like 1-2 zits a day mybe even 2 days but it doesn tmatter they usually go away pretty fast but the red marks from previous acne s still there and there for a while um is there anything i can do to reside the marks? make me look ugly but not a lot of zits just marks :s any help thnx

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There are many ways to help it heal quicker, but there are no ways you can get rid of them in less than 3 months. <_<

You can try putting on creams or lotions that includes "Vitamin E" Vitamin E helps to heal the skin which means it helps to heal the marks due to stupid acne who broke them. :angry:

If you can buy lotions that are multivitamin that will be great! But I know for sure the most important Vitamin for healing marks is "Vitamin E" wink.gif

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The best thing is time, people! Marks take 4-6 months to fade to your skin tone, but you can find ways to accelerate this fading. Try Apple Cider Vinegar, alot of people, (including me) claim this works well, in helping your red marks fade. Just make sure you mix it with two parts of water, because you don't want to dry out your skin. You can use it as a toner in whatever regimen you are using now. Besides that, there are many other options, like microbrasion, laser, smoothbeam, or TCL, AHA's...

Anyway, goodluck.

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My method (works pretty well for me, gets rid of almost everything in 1 month):

(0- If you've been on Accutane, do a liver flush! It's vital for your skin to be able to heal again.)

1- Forget about vinegar. IMO It does nothing except making your skin smoother for a few hours.

2- Don't apply any acne treatments to the red marks in order not to irritate them.

3- Apply warm water in which camomile flowers had been soaked for an hour to your whole face. This helps reduce the inflammation.

4- Use a chemical peeling gel. Doesn't have to be expensive. I got mine from the supermarket for 2,5 EUR (about $3).

5- Avoid dryness of skin by applying Vaseline before going to bed.

6- To improve your skin texture, you could try a microdermabrasion cloth. I do a treatment when I notice small bumps.

Good luck!

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i don't know if this works, but it's something i'm trying.

after a pimple goes away, i immediately use TCA to peel away the skin.

I am hoping that it will accelerate the fading.

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