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:redface::angry::angry::angry::angry: i am so mad right now.just now i went downstairs to do the regimen.my mom was downstairs we hadnt argued in a while we were doing ok.but no she started talking about how my boss told her i don t like my job and that i dont talk to anybody.wich is total nonsence because i do talk to people .is not like i went there to make friends i went there to work.than she proceeded to say that i have become antilsocial and that without her i would be no were .she also said that she makes everything easy for me and that i should be thankful. nooo wait a minute first of all i didnt ask to be born if you dont remeber i was a broken condom baby .so i wasent even suppose to be here is her responsibily to take care of me no matter what because she made the mistake not me.im tired of her rubbing everything on my face as if i should worship her as my idol.no i have no idol my only idol is me .i trust nobody no even my mom.i am thankful for all that she does for me .but i have also made it easy for her.im a good kid.i dont do drugs .i get good grades i behave .what else is she asking from me .i m sick of her from now on im not going to ask favors from her and im going to quit the job i have when i start school ,and find a job myself.so she can see that i can do things myself.she says that everything is easy for me .how tell me how is it easy.she just got me so pissed .like after all the fights we had and i already told her that i was going to go to school .why does she start this?does she like arguing with me i am sick of her ..i hope i do good in life and get a good job so i can get out of here and get my own place maybe like that i can become a stronger person.im not even going to talk to her anymore.they are going to disney world this monday for a whole week and im staying home because i have decided.she believes what everybody says but not me.she thinks is easy being in my place.since she was poor when she was litle .shes always bringing that up like only if you suffer like i did when i was litle than you would know.i hate when parents bring their childhood up.we are a different generation understand that we are not the same.and shes always bringing up how in southamerica everything is harder and stuff..so i told her we are in america we are not in colombia.leave those ideas there because we dont live there.im sick of her ...and to top it off i fell down the stairs ..i also punched the wall and left a whole in my room ...

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I don't know what else to say to your post except it's pretty awesome that you do well in school because when you go to university/college and graduate, that will be your ticket to independance from your Mom. I'm sorry that you have to go through this crap right now, you're very right when you say that you are a good kid.. She honestly doesn't know how good she has it with you; a son that makes good grades, doesn't do drugs, and is a good person. She should go on some sort of reality tv show where you swap Moms with a bad kid and you go live with the bad kids parents and he/she goes and lives with your Mom.. I bet your Mom would realize how lucky she is then! Daydream about the near future when you will be able to support yourself and have a good paying job. In my case, I daydream about the day I'll have clear skin and have my confidence back again. I think about what I'm going to do to achieve that goal. You should think about how your going to reach your goal of getting an education and what you want to do for your career, etc.. and imagine making a lot of money and being able to buy yourself whatever you want. I moved out when I was 18 (I moved in with my now-husband). I'm now turning 23, and he just turned 29, and let me tell you... NOTHING beats living on your own, and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that my relationship with my parents is the best it's ever been since I've moved out. I think part of it is that your parents start to miss you, and then when you come and visit them, they just want to hang out with you instead of fight with you. I think I just typed a lot of random things, I'm so tired, sorry! Anyways, have a good night and hope you feel better soon.

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