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Guest beccaboo00

stop a cyst before it completely forms?

Guest beccaboo00

i woke up today with my first cyst in about 3 weeks its not completely formed yet i can tell but how do i stop it from getting bigger and make it go away fast.

i only have bp and tto for treatments.

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

im sorry dude but DUNNO

but i too apply tea tree oil, several times, 100% one and kind of richly i think (it is said to use it with caution so),then it kind of starts to dry that shit out and idk i havent been monitoring all the acne all the time, but i remember two of recent ones (~ 1-2 week olds) that i combated this way and well they are gone now completelly without marks, but then on other hand i have really bad jawline acne right now (its all red, swelling and alot, as well as couple cysts inbetween all that company), and ive been applying alot of tto on them as well and results are: dries shit out rly good it seems, but skin becomes extremely dry too and very flaky, looks like scars gonna form there as well & shit is still keeping to pop up there anyways so idk is it more good or bad..

whats yours observations with tto?

anyhow there are also putting ice method, but seems it makes them leave scars too, so idk :/ , bacing soda maybe? with lemon?

hopefully somebody knows, im of no help at this

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