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I've had severe acne for 5 months now so i went to derms and they put me on epiduo and doxycycline and its worked sorta after 2 months of taking it with most of my acne being subsided, but they left behind terrible marks. Like super bad marks...i dont know if all marks look like this but the picture below is what my face is like now.

Will BP or adapalene make my spots worse? And what other treatments are there to get rid of spots? I've only found treatments which say ALL acne MUST be cleared before using these treatments. I still have acne but really want to get rid of the spots asap.

I use st ives aprocot scrub every 2nd day

cetaphil clenser twice daily

chinese mud mask twice a week

epiduo at bed time

vitamin A, zinc, herbal meds from naturo path (ingested)

i drink a litre of rooibos tea a day (started since a week and a half ago)



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I think BP has been known to make red marks hang around a little longer, sun exposure aswell << Not good. They're just a couple I can think of :confused:

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Hello, I have a similar story to yours.

Although I get acne around my mouth and chin, I have around 20 dark spots.

I still get acne too.

I went to the derm, and they gave me many topicals and antibiodics.

Im currently on the antibiodics but stopped the duac because I found something that works better for me

I never trust OTC products, but I am using ACNE FREE SEVERE KIT + THE TERMINATOR by ACNE FREE SEVERE. Seriously, this product cleared my face more than any adapalene, BP, retin a micro, benzaclin. I was skeptical because I was afraid it was gonna make me breakout more, but it cleared almost half of my acne, and its been only two weeks. Along with that, to help I wash my medication off from the day @ night with water, then take a fresh lemon, slice it, and rub the slice all over my dark marks. It burns A LOT! But it seriously has lightened up my scars because of the AHA'S and antibacterial properties in the lemon. After ten minutes I rinse off with warm water and take a shower. It may sound weird, but to fully cleanse my face I use dawn soap. Its hasnt made me break out at all. Then I use my other cleanser in the kit and do everything the same.

Also, I think BP does make the marks darker for a little while, but it eventually clears them away if you use a retinol sometime during the day or night(but not with the BP because BP and a retinol dont mix)

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I wouldn't use St. Ives because it's really harsh- I would use a gentler or chemical exfoliator. You might have an initial breakout with adalpene but duac (bp+clindamycin) usually makes it manageable. i've had great success with it. Hope this helps

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