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Hey all.

Apologies if this post is in the wrong sub-forum, but I'm sure someone here will have some good advice for me. I'm starting to believe that most of my acne problems are attributable to extremely sensitive skin. A little background may be helpful, though...(skip to the bold if you hate reading).

I've had mild/moderate acne for a long time, tried all sorts of topicals, antibiotics, and other remedies. Finally, I went on accutane, and the results were phenomenal. While I was on accutane, everything was perfect. But about 2-3 months after, the acne came back. I did another round of accutane. Great results, but a few months after the course, the acne was back. I did a THIRD round of accutane, and decided I wasn't going to do it ever again (joint issues, persistent dry lips). My acne came back, of course, but I continued to wash with nothing but Cetaphil twice a day. BP and SA just tore up my skin, and never really controlled the acne.

I hung in there for about a year, even as I went through some terrible breakouts and constantly red/itchy/sensitive skin. Fast forward to two weeks ago, when I thought that MAYBE something as supposedly gentle as Cetaphil could be causing the problems. So I started washing with just a tiny amount of soap, but mostly just water, and made sure I rinsed my face thoroughly to get all the soap off afterwards. And I noticed an improvement instantly. So I switched to Purpose. But the results are the same: if I lather up with a healthy amount of soap, my face freaks out. But if I use just a touch, the irritation is much less.

So should I try different soaps? Is it possible that my skin just hates these "gentle" cleansers and something like Dove would be totally ok? I don't know if there is a common ingredient to blame. Or, should I just wash with water? I don't really exfoliate now (b/c of the sensitivity and redness), but if I didn't use any irritating soap, that might be fine. Still, I get nervous not using ANYTHING to cleanse with. Does anyone else have super-sensitive skin or have this problem - if so, what is the solution?

Thanks in advance for any advice, and sorry this is such a long-ass post.

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Well... from what I have been reading on this site, soap actually contains chemicals that irritate the skin. Now there is a difference between soap and cleansers, I'm not sure which one you meant. But you should use something specifically for the face. I have pretty sensitive skin too. I've recently started using clearasil overnight cleanser and to my suprise it doesn't irritate or dry out my skin.

I'm no expert on acne, but I hope that this helps at least a little. :surprised:

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Haha, I don't think anyone is REALLY an expert on the subject. Otherwise, this site wouldn't exist, right? :think:

I've definitely been using bar soaps, so maybe I'll try shifting to a cleanser. I'm pretty sure Purpose makes a cleanser or a wash. Time to give that a shot.


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for me, at least, cetaphil was irritating as hell. i hate all their products now that i think of it. moisturizer was shit. actually the only thing i liked were their body wash bar soap.

try dans face cleanser. i personally use avalon organic vitamin c cleanser. best cleanser.

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