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My new regimen - 100% success (so far)

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Hi all,

I thought i'd share with you all my new regimen, which so far has had 100% success for me, i've been doing this for about 10 days so far.


1) shower in the morning

2) use clearasyl 3-1 in the shower

3) Take Tejaswini tablet

4) apply active clear lotion to face


5) use facial wipe over face

6) apply small/moderate ammount of bp gel to face

6) take second Tejaswini tablet

7) take lymocycline tablet

And this has been working very well for me so far

Regarding my diet, i've cut out

1) coke

2) white bread

and i've taken to eating a banana every day and greatly increased the ammount of water i drink every day.

I've been doing this now for 10 days and havent had one flare up.

I normally get between 1-2 a day.

plus the active clear which has tea tree oil in it seems to be toning down the red marks I have.

I've had acne for 10 years - accutaine worked for about 4 years, but in the past year or so my skin has been getting quite bad. But this new regime will hopefully keep it under control.

Just thought i'd share this with you guys and will keep you posted


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went sunbathing on the weekend (for 2 days) , i'm thinking as a result of that i've broken out.

Shall add that to the list of things not to do.

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sunbathing definitely is not a good thing to do! It stimulates both oil production and shedding of skin; recipe for pimples! Make sure you wear a high SPF sunscreen (I always wear at least SPF30) and drink lots of water!

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yeah too much sun is baaad, i found that out other day, didn't put sunscreen on cause didn't know i'd be in the sun for 2 and a half straight hours, texas sun...anyways, i didn't think i was sunburnt but i guess i was, when i showered and washed my face, it dried, and it dried bad, i had peeled from dryness before..but this was incredible, big white chunks of skin coming off, uuuughh, kinda grosss

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