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okay heres the thing, im a 13 year old girl and i have had acne for 3 years now, im not your typical pre-produced teenager, i have developed much more vastly then my friends. i started to use medical products at eleven, and from there my skin has gone downhill! i used reterains when i was 12 and they havnt helped at all! then i went to use the anti-biotic tetrasylen (im crap at spelling) it only made things worsen! over the years acne has made me depressed! many people say you cant notice it but i can feel them glaring at my forhead when in mid conversation! although acne (i have it mildly) has not affected my relationship status, it has taken its toll in my confidence.. which does not help as i am a singer and actress. i do ALOT of sport and have devoted my life to it and i also eat pretty healithily, whaching out for any greasy foods, and always washing my hair and keeping it off my face. i recently went to a dermatologist who prescribed me with isotrex, i found it brought out a white head, i squezed it and dabbed some of the gel on, and within an hour it had almost flattened!! i must say this new gel had amused me sofar! i apllyed it over the next few nights and it brought out some old whiteheads on my cheek but theyve gone now with only a faint mark as a memorial :) ive only been using this stuff for a week and it seems to be a miracle for me!! i really hope for all of you that your acne clears up, im reading your blogs regularly! please reply if anybody is in the same situation as me! please any advice!? this is ruining my life! also i hear something about docycylin, and its meant to work but have bad bad consequences? Hollie, 13, UK, southampton

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