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Ahhh, dreaded dryness around my nose, chin, and eyelids!

Ugh, so I spoke too soon. I started using a full finger's width/length of the BP and it seems as if the day after I boasted about not having any dry patches, I woke up to a face that looks like a sandy desert! Yesterday I felt like I had a sun burn all day and my nose was peeling like I had one! Last night I slathered my face in Cetaphil moisturizer, even though I hate it. It's too thick and never absorbs, however, my face drank it up last night. I LOVE DK's Moisturizer for the day time, but I think for now I'm gonna have to use Cetaphil at night.

My question though is how in the world are my eye lids so dry? I make damn sure not to get any BP on my lids or near my eyes, but it's like they're the worst. Any tips on how I can avoid this??? Oh, I also went back to using 1/2 a finger length on my face. I think I'm going to use 1/2 for another week or so, until my face looks back to normal, then move back up to a full finger's length again.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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The dryness almost spreads it seems, eh? It always did that when I was using BP. You need to go wayyyy around your eye. Like, an inch away! That or get a very good eye cream.

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