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Quit regimen 1 month ago, dryness & wrinkles around eyes still not gone

I'm only sixteen, so I really , really hope these wrinkles aren't permanent.

I stopped using Dan's BP around ... 6 weeks ago. My facial skin has mostly returned back to normal now (not leather-like anymore) but my neck still has scabs from dryness all over it, and using Vaseline & Aloe vera gel for 6 weeks straight hasn't yet fixed that.

But also, my eyes are so wrinkly when I smile.... like, literally, crow's feet and everything. And they get sooooo dry ; I have to put a ring of Eucerin moisturizer all around them to stop the dryness.... and then it's dry all over again, soon enough.

I don't even know why I used BP... it has only made my life so much worse :(

Well, enough self-pity I guess. Any help please?

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Same this happened with me man, I know what it's like. I actually have found a good eye cream. It's from a store called The Body Shop. It's all natural and has a ton of vitamin E in it to help. It took care of the darkness after like 3 days (use it morning and night) and my fine lines are fading away nicely, along with my huge bags under my eyes (all from drying and stuff from BP). So in love with it right now. It's $17 but lasts about 2 or 3 months, depending how much you use. It helps alot, worth looking into.

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those wrinkles around your eyes will go away

i remember my derm had prescribed me sum cream for my acne, i dont remember what it was called, but it was way to harsh on my skin, and dried it up like crazy and i had applied it way to close to my eyes, and my eyes got like 3 wrinkles under each eye, and wen i smiled, i looked like a old man :mellow: and wen i tried putting on moisturizer my skin burned like crazy, but they went away within 2 weeks because one day in the shower i scrubbed really hard under my eyes and all of those dead dry skin just kept coming off and off and my face felt so much more relaxed

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