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ok so i would really appreciate it if you guys could give me your inputs and opinions on my regimen.

i have been on dans regimen for about 88 days now.

my skin is clear and i have no active acne. however i do only have a bump under the surface of a red mark where i had a cyst its been there for months. it might come out or it might not so im just going to have to deal with that. other than that my skin is clear and i have red marks which are really annoying.

currently im using dns bp on my face except the red marks on my left cheek because bp was irritating these red marks. (however i am using it around the red marks) on the red marks i am dabbing emu oil and that has faded them more than anything ive used but its a slow process and i darent use it all over my face incase i break out.

today i have ordered dans aha so that itl help improve my overall complexion and help with the dryness ( i only have dryness when i tend not to moisturise properly). and red marks

anyways i was thinking just to start of will it be ok to add a little bit of aha to dans moisturiser at night because i really dont want to irritate my skin and sometimes less is key and also when needed i can work my way up??

also during they day will it be ok to add aha to olay spf15 for sensitive skin? or will i need nother suncreen? any recommendtions? im planning on doing this every other night or morning and see how it goes.

and a last question on that red mark where theres a bump under the surface im not putting bp there becuse it realy really irritated that part, will it be ok to put aha mixed with dans moisturiser and then emu oil ontop (im currently using emu oil and its the only thing thats made that mark better.

what do you guys think?

thanks like i said help would be much appreciated as this is the only place where i actually get good advice regarding acne and stuff. (my derm just tells me to deal with it and gives me diff products which aggrevate my acne more so ive given up on him and many others and thanks to dan and acne.org my skin is much better)

sorry if ive gone on abit

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The good thing about your case is that you can test some ideas and see what is best. You can use AHA, but you can also try vitamin e, cream to heal wounds, alo vera, etc. If you try some, try on some spots and see the results after some period.

The bump will dissapear eventually.

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ive tried vitamin E and that ws what healed it in the first place. so its nicely healed just a bump under the skin which i think might go down i dont know so its one of them with their mind of their own. and ive spent so much on products that im limited now so do you think becuse ill be testing aha will i need better sunscreen or will the one i be using be fine? in total what do you think?

if so i think i might get paulas choice sunscreen spf 30 or something which has zinc oxide.

and thank you so much Corsair for replying and i will be looking into aloe vera

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The aha use it on a part of your skin and see the results. use the right amount, too much is useless and perhaps you can use a spf but I don't see the reason really (unless your skin is ultra sensitive). The moisturizer is needed, you don't have to bath with it, just the right amount for you to make your skin comfortable.

Remember, research on what you are using, find the best solution for you.

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thanks alot, yes i think i am going to start using it as a spot treatment see how my skin reacts then use it with a moisturiser and see how it goes i might just use it on one heek first just to test it. i want it to even out my complexion becuase ive heard it does this. i hope my skin reacts well because its what im hoping for.

though at the moment i using emu oil as a spot treatment for my red marks and its done wonders on reducing them in size and also faded them.

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