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Aghaigh Dearg

My new approach

Hiya folks

So Im beginning Dianette today. A huge step as for years I thought I couldnt touch birth control woth a ten foot barge pole (thank you my gp!)

Got diagnosed with PCOS and was told I needed to start on the Pill asap. Massively conflicting and hugely confusing for my far too easily muddled brain. Here start taking this thing you've been told is too dangerous for you! Turns out my GP is prone to exageration. There's a history of blood clots in my family but Ive been tested and gotten the all clear on that particular risk.

I've had acne since the age of about twenty, and nothing ever cleared it, from over the counter to topicals to antibiotics. Which made sense as acne is a big symptom of PCOS, treat the PCOS, help the acne it seems. So fingers crossed on that one.

I wash my face with a Neutrogena SA wash, the exact name of which escapes me. I've always found SA to be the best with me.

So here's to starting Dianette! I'll be writing as much as I find relevant here, to collect my own thoughts and to any others here on org with my particular combination of issues! Im sure Im not the only one!

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3 days in. How soon do you notice any side effects does anyone know? Going to read up on that one because I have a slight case of the shakes and not too sure if thats to be expected.

Other than that, not much going on, 3 days is a little too soon to blame anything on the pill skin wise I reckon. The skin is recovering from the monthly breakout, lots of red marks. Have a few clogged pores on my left cheek and one of those nasty sore spots appeared on my forehead yesterday. Made my head ache it was so sore, I was not impressed! Not so bad today though, have a dollop of sudocrem on it, a product which has been a long favourite of mine. I find it brings everything to a head which make look bad initially but helps in the long term.

Anyway other than shakes, so far so good.

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Well nearly 2 weeks in and thankfully the shakes are long gone. Didnt enjoy those at all.

With regards to skin my face has been a little haywire, not doing too well, but Im anxious not try anything new topically just yet as I want to see where I stand with the pill first. So yea bit of redness and the odd spot on my left cheek, left side of chin and right in the centre of my forehead. Im still a mass of clogged pores and would really like to try Dan's AHA but unfortunately my bank balance cant justify the shipping and customs. I live in hope. SA is keeping it at bay for now.

Other than that the Dianette is going ok. I might be a little bit more prone to tears than normal but so far the worst thing that seems to be happening is the bloating! I feel like a small elephant and its not nice!! Makes me feel sluggish and generally unattractive. Boyfriend bless his cotton socks is taking my whinging in his stride. :D

So yea, no kind of major progress but what I wanted from the first month was to see would I have any really bad side effects. Hopefully the bloating wont last, or the sore boobs, (Im basing this on the shakes going away. dont tell me thats not rational, I enjoy my innocent niaivety!)

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I finish my first pack today! And apart from the bloating, the shakes, random spotting and the sore breasts what has Dianette ever done for me then??? :lol:

Well, not much so far, tho the gynocologist did say it would take at least six months to see a difference. The boyfriend and the mammy both claim my skin is getting better, but these are two very biased views so Im not taking them to heart too much. Certainly I dont have a monthly breakout. Though with the fun of PCOS my monthly was more like every two to three months. And in later times that meant the skin exploding in epic proportions. So yea I guess the boyfriend would see it as better. Still all lumpy and bumpy and clogged pores though no real nasty spots. Which is nice.

I dont think Im getting any other side effects. Bloated yes but I had heard of the usual weight gain and increased appetite warnings but it seems my appetite has decreased. Im hungry for breakfast but after that big meals are very unappealling. Apart from chocolate, those cravings will never leave me! Ive been drinking a lot of peppermint tea, to combat the bloating, seems to be helping a little.

Now the break for a week. Its been an interesting first pack. Im cautious in my optimism.

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And the second pack is done. Had to go get measured for a bra, Ive gone up two cup sizes!!! Very new experience this! :lol:

Aside from that, well its going ok, the bloating has calmed down big time which is fantastic. The hair growth is easing a tiny bit, which is lovely! The appetite has definitely increased, which is tough to deal with, I have to be careful and try and limit myself which is difficult when my tummy is protesting for more food! But very anxious to avoid weight gain!

And so, most important for this site how is my skin? Well its not there just yet but... and Im loath to say this for fear of jinzing (sp???) myself.. but it may, possibly, be showing signs of improvement.

My forehead is still clogged pores, as is my chin. There were one or two little spots on my forehead this month, nothing major and went away within a day or so. My chin had a few aswell, that lasted a day or two maybe but nothing too horrific, seemed to just scab up rather than linger. Confession time, I do tend to squeeze any whitehead type ones, bad I know, slap on the wrist for that.

My left cheek is still just red marks and a little clogged pores. too. But when I say theres been improvement I mean the spots I get dont seem as awful as the ones I used to get. I did get a bad breakout though at the end of the first pack so we shall see how it does this week. But it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel at least.

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