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Free Quick Fix for Redness or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Now for all of the people who suffer from redness or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne like i did it could be a socially depriving experience. When i first found out about this method i'm about to mention, it was first by accident and to say the least when i looked in the mirror after applying it, i was ecstatic at how much the redness faded by at least 60%, the first time i tried it and my results were so epic that i had to come on here the same day i figured it out, but of course the longer you do it the better the results. The method i'm talking about is called hot & cold water therapy or also a principle of hydrotherapy in which i later googled. Even though i knew about this hot & cold water therapy before i only used it for the purpose of strengthening my immune system and creating new blood cells for optimal tissue repair which is essential for after a workout. Now it wasn't until after i used it on my face that i had an epiphany and to my conclusion. The hot and cold water work as a powerful team against inflammation somehow someway lol. I suggest you google it but as far as i'm concerned it works better than any phony product i've ever tried including anibiotics.

Now for the method:

Best if done in the shower for a more regulated session

1) Aim the nozzle at the face or affected area and do it for 20 seconds of a little higher than moderately warm (nothing too hot for your face because the face is much more sensitive to heat and it could very well be irritated more).

2) Next your going to quickly change the temperature to cold (not freezing cold but cool enough to be uncomfortable if done too cold your skin capillaries can break so be cautious with extremities and its possible in alaska and canada where i'm from) for another 20 seconds

3) Repeat at least 3 times

If you have a hard time with the discomfort level try it to your own specifications and Let me know how it works for all you!

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