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i'm new to this group!

i been suffering from acne since i was a teen only on my chin but,i went to the dr around my teen yrs and my dr gave me benzoyl cream to cure it which it did..anyways i'm 24 yrs old going on 25 and about a yr ago my acne on my chin started back up!it's so awful looking i tried everything i can't afford to go see a dr right now and i was wondering any drugstore brands or home remedies i can try?someone told me to use head and shoulders shampoo?

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I'm a new member also, and I started having the same problem as you since last year. I would get millions of pustules just around my chin and mouth area. My chin looked like a war zone all the time. I did some research and found out that perioral acne could be due to hormones. So I had my hormones, thyroid, liver enzymes checked. Everything came back normal but the doctor did tell me that hormone tests are not always accurate. He also told me that my hormones level may be normal but I might have receptors that are sensitive to androgens. I forgot what the website is but you can get your hormones tested via saliva which supposedly is more accurate. If you look around on the forums or google it I'm sure you can find the website.

Some people swear by vitex (chasteberry) but after using it for two months on the recommended dosage, I started spotting in between my periods so I stop that. I also tried evening primrose oil for 6 months but that didn't do much for me.

I didn't try head and shoulders but I did try Nizoral which has ketoconazole- an androgen blocker. There's a long thread on the forum regarding the use of this. I tried it for about 2 months but it didn't help.

I also tried Dan's regimen but I couldn't hack the dryness and the irritation from the benzoyl peroxide. I guess my skin is not as resilient as it used to be.

Right now I have it somewhat under control with combination of finacea (mildly anti-bacterial, great help with reducing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), retin-a micro, and tea tree oil. I also use a juicer to make my own juice twice a day. I eat salmon twice a week. Things really got better for me after using tea tree oil. I bought a bottle of tea tree oil, and I mix two mini drops with my sunscreen in the morning, and two mini drops with my moisturizer at night. I also spot treat using full strength. I've been doing this for about two months, and I noticed that I don't break out as much, and sometimes I'm even clear- apart from all the red spots. Even when I do break out, the pustules are much smaller and go away faster (2-3 days as opposed to 1-2 weeks) than they used to. I do have a prescription for spironolactone but I'm still debating on whether to take it especially since my breakout isn't as bad as it used to be.

Maybe you can try a combination of retinol or glycolic acid with tea tree oil? Whatever you decide, this messageboard is a treasure trove of great info. Wish there had been a site like this back when I was a teen. I lurked forever before deciding to join.

Hope this helps and hope you find a regimen that works for you!

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Adult acne can be from many things, hormones inclued. But as acne is a external sign that something is off internally, you need to look at a few things internally first, secon would be external products. Internally, you may want to look into Candida, if you crave sugar/breads/ yeasty foods, are prone to yeast infections or itchy skin or fungal infections you may have candida, this can cause acne and hormonal imbalance. Next acne can be from a congested bowel. If you aren't going regularly or haven't done a colon cleanse for a while you should look into it. Your acne can say a lot by where it is located, if you have it on the lower jaw line this is saying you have liver congestion and should be looking into milk thistle tea/tincture or a liver cleanse. If you work on the inward stuff, your acne will lessen on its own, but it is a slow process and not an overnight thing. Next you should look at your topical products. I am personally against mainstream products and makeup as they are loaded with chemicals and fillers that can break you out. They use petrol products (aka gasoline by products), propelyne glycol (a lubricating agent used in break fluid and skincare), and dimethicone/silcones (can really aggravate acne, by putting a saran wrap seal over the skin, not allowing it to breathe). You can make your own cleanser at home....... Use 1 tbl of honey, 1 tbl of Extra virgin olive oil, 1tbl of kaolin clay or flour, add some water in the palm of your hand to make a paste and cleanse skin with it. Next you need a toner to remove any residue, you can make this with 1tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1/2 cup water, remove with cotton ball. Otherwise try finidng the skincare as close to nature as possible. My face is almost always clear at this point after following these regimens. Good luck!

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