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I need help!

Well here it is, I am 16 year old male. I am active in sports such as football and stuff so I constantly am active. I had a major break out about 8 months ago which put acne on my face, chest and back. I went to my doctor about this issue and I was prescribed Benzaclin Gel (1% phosphate and 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.) for the first 2-3 months. It seemed to clear it up a bit and then I broke out again so I went back and I got a refill of the Benzaclin and Mylan Minocycline. Its been about 2 months of taking the pills and using the cream and I am still breaking out. I dont know if it has to do with my diet or something I wash my face 2-3 times a day. Usually in the morning when I wake up, and again when I go to bed before I put on the Benzaclin. I also wash my face if I have been playing sports or something that has caused me to sweat alot.

If anyone has suggestions I am looking for anything. If anyone has a face wash they use which is good I am willing to try it out. Im using Clean and Clear Morning burst facial cleanser.

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Sorry to hear that! I am new to the forum and to acne as well...I am very active and spend a lot of time outside and sweating. My acne started a couple of weeks after I started doing more exercice. My skin is very very very sensitive ...so sensitive that regural cleaners and moisurizers make my case a lot worse! So after doing a lot of research I decided to gove the oil cleansing method and Manuka honey a try; here is what I do:

every night I clean my face with a mixture of castor oil (50%) hazelnut oil (40%) and grapeseed oil ( 10%).....I put the oils in a dark glass container and just put a little on my hand...then I rub very gently ( as gentry as Dan) and then I put a hot towel on my face..I do yhis a couple of times to make sure my pores are open and then i gently wipe the oil off. if you do it correctly you should see that your skin is not oily and wipping is just to make sure there is no oil left on your face....it sounds crazy and difficult but I think is worth it. After that I put honey on my face and leave it for 30 min...more if I have time.....then rinse with warm water and apply some jojoba oil to moisturize...at night I apply 3-4 drops....

I touch my face a lot and honestly I can't stand big pimples....and I pop them..I know is wrong but...u know...gotta do what you gatta do! so if I can't resist myself and pop one..I immediately appli honey on the spot and leave it as long as I can..and OMG..it works!

Important: Is not honey that works....is Manuka honey..I use 10+ as they have different strenghts.

Also.....my skin is getting better and better with time....I did started to get little bums after a wile but I haven't stop because is normal and because this is the only way my skin hasnt felt sick..you know what I mean? I completely removed the comertial products off my face...Just last night I applied BP to my face and this morning my face was completely red and dry......I am in pain and I regret doing it.

I hope this crazy advice helps.......you can search for the oil cleansing method anywhere and I will say give it a try!

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