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Is this just the redness leftover from acne? Or something else?

(I also posted this on the rosacea message board.) I have seen a total of 4 different derms since I was about 14-15 I believe. I'm seeing the 4th one now. She is definitely the best one so far because she doesn't rush me. None of the derms could ever help me with my skin because it is too sensitive.

I'll try to make this story really short. Lol. I never really broke out horribly until I was about 17-18 after going off BCP. My skin was at its worst when I was 18. I ended up going back on birth control pills 1-2 years later when I was 19, and it cleared up my skin pretty good. I'm 20 now. I decided to stop taking the BCP (Yaz) about 5 weeks ago because I just don't want to take it anymore. I'm too paranoid about blood clots, etc. My skin has been pretty good so far. I have a few breakouts, but they are really small. I mostly have a lot of clogged pores and blackheads.

I also tend to get bumps (I can't tell if they are pink or skin-colored) on the side of my chin/jawline onto neck that are extremely itchy. What could that be? It tends to be dry on my chin and around my mouth and a little on my cheeks, but my nose and forehead get oily. I can get kind of flaky on the sides of my nose, on my nose, and on my forehead sometimes. It doesn't look flaky when you look at it, but when I scratch at my face, little flakes come off. I also have redness on my cheeks, and when I look up close at some of it, it looks like tiny red dots. I didn't develop the redness until after I went off BCP and broke out horribly. When I previously broke out, I broke out a lot on my cheeks in that area. I also picked at my skin a lot, so could the redness be from the breakouts? It also looks like the redness goes down the nasolabial folds sometimes, and I tend to have a lot of little bumps/clogged pores there.

I mentioned to my derm about the itchy bumps and asked if it could be some type of dermatitis, but she didn't think so. She thinks I have mild rosacea and acne. She gave me some samples of Acanya (clindamycin and 2.5% BP) to try since it is something new and I haven't tried it yet. I thought that BP wasn't good to use if you have rosacea. She also told me that using a sunscreen would help with my redness. When I was on Yaz, I developed a problem with extreme flushing of my cheeks. After I went off, I haven't had that extreme flushing anymore, but my cheeks do get a little more red when I go outside. They also get a little more red after I take a shower. When I wear sunscreen, it doesn't help with preventing the redness. Is it not from the sun then? The redness on my cheeks tends to get better after I take a walk.

I have tried pretty much all the prescription topicals: Duac, Benzaclin, RAM, Differin cream and gel, Taz cream, Finacea, Metrogel, Clindagel, Clindamycin pads, Eurax (for when she found demodex mites on my skin), Cleocin-T Lotion, Epiduo, Ziana, BP washes, Aczone, and sodium sulfacetamide/sulfur washes. The topicals either didn't work, or irritated my skin (red, flaky, dry, itchy) and made it break out more. I tried the ones that could make me purge for months. I have also tried taking oral antibiotics, which did nothing for me. I'm so frustrated!

I have pictures of my skin on my other post: My Other Post

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I've had the same problem. I used a clearasil product at the end of last year that contained BP. And my face has been getting red easy ever since.

I think it may have something to do with BP thinning the skin and bringing blood vessels closer to the surface, but not 100% sure.

I'm looking into getting IPL treatment as it supposedly works wonders for most people with facial redness.

If you havent heard of it, I highly suggest you look into it.

Good luck!


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