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Hey, posted this in some chicks blog b/c it was the first thing I came to from google. Anyway, here goes...

I recently started the ziana/doryx regimen myself 2 days ago. I struggled w/acne over the last couple of years (I'm 23 now) and I completely had nearly NO bumps/breakouts for about a year using minocycline, benprox (day) and tretinoin (night) and then just a few months ago I began to break out again out of no where! Devastating shit! So I went to the dermo and they switched me from Benprox to Aczone which did nothing. I called them after a few weeks and they say, "Acne is an ongoing battle, just keep doing what you're doing." So, I was like FUCK THAT and made an appt with a new dermo. The dermo I visited told me he believed I basically just became immune to the mino and let's give something else a try, which he perscribed the Doryx. He told me then to drop the Benprox and Teritonin and said he wasn't that big on the topical lotions in the first place and believes the acne will either be controlled by a certain pill or won't, but regardless perscribed the Ziana and for me to take at night before bed. Sooooooooooo, anyway, at the moment I'm completely clear but as all you guys know who battle this shit, that can change drastically when I wake up in the morning. I really at the moment don't think I'm clear bc the meds bc it's only been two days and I read it can take up to 4 w/the Ziana and 3-6 weeks with the Doryx. I'm basically just waiting for it to go to shit on me, lol!

Anyway regimen:

Wake: wash with Cetaphil face soap and then no topical lotion for the first time in years....so weird haha.

Doryx after breakfast

Night before bed: Wash w/Cetaphil face soap and "pea size" Ziana...whatever the fuck that means!! I'm so OCD. I'm like ahhh a little more...then I'm like SHIT that was too much, no my skins gonna be oily and breakout!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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