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Regimen w/ Epiduo need some advice please!

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Whatsup Everyone.

I'm 23 years old and a student at Penn State. I've had basically mild acne since I was about 16. Its never been very bad or noticeable in the eyes of other, but its always been a giant pet peeve of mine. I want more than anything to have nice perfect skin. So I've tried everything there is out there and nothing seemed to work for more than a a couple weeks.

I started the acne.org regimen a few days ago after probably the worst breakout of my life (my acne seems to be getting more severe recently). The regimen cleared almost all of it up so fast I couldn't believe it. Its not all completely gone but it is on its way. I'm using On-the-spot Neutrogena bp, Cetaphili daily facial cleanser for normal to oily skin, and neutrogena sensitive skin oil-free moisturizer.

Anyway, I am prescribed to epiduo gel. Its a skin medicine that contains .1% adapalene (ingredient in differin) and 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. My question is, can I use the epiduo as the BP in the regimen instead of the neutrogena on-the-spot and get the same results. Will the adapalene cause any complications. I have used differin in the past and never really noticed any positive or negative results. I've never used a LOT of the epiduo before so I am hoping it will work when applied in the context of the regimen. It is a "gel" so there is not white residue left on my face and I also basically get it for free so it would be excellent if this would work.

Sorry for the long message and I'd really appreciate any input!

Thanks so much,


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I have asked the same question and the answer I got this answer. It is not recommended as it does not work well with the regimin. The bottle is also way to small for the amount of BP you want to use :/

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OK. Thanks. I tried it for a couple days and with disastrous results. The adapalene caused my skin to go completely bonkers and get worse than it has ever been before. Apparently, its supposed to get better after it gets worse but its the summer and I'm not willing to have my skin be a mess for and unknown length of time. This morning, I switched back to the neutrogena on-the-spot 2.5 bp. Its a pretty small package itself. Does anyone have any other 2.5 recommendations for bp I can buy at a store? I think I am going to order the websites products assuming I continue to see good results from it.


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Clinique's Acne Solution Clearing "moisturizer" is a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream i'm using until my supplies come in.

Also, i wouldn't reccomend epiduo in place of bp (my derm prescribed differin which is just adapalene gel). I alternate nights, but too much epiduo is chemically overexfoliating your skin.

good luck!

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