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Vitamin E Works Wonders!

Hi everyone!

Vitamin E worked wonders overnight for my red marks.

I use the Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream from The Body shop its $18.00 + taxes

I've been using this for a month now and my skin continues to look better and better everyday.

A couple of months back i suffered a burn on my face from using Clean and Clear Acne spot treatment and every since then i've suffered from more than usual breakouts and alot of red/dark marks left behind on my cheeks and chin. I changed my face care regimine about a month ago It consisted of

Steaming my face with a hot face

Cleanse W/ Biore Purify Steam activated cleanser

Moisturize W/ Aveeno Positively Radiant w/SPF 15

[in the night I switch to Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream]

which works amazingly and now I only tend to break out close to the ending of my menstrational cycle.

I did the strangest thing last night, I used a new, clean dishwashing sponge to exfoliate and it worked really well/ this morning alot of marks were visibly improved in color alot of dark spots are gone! I'm guessing they were dead skin that wouldnt come off my skin?

Anyways any advice to fade away some of those tricky dark marks?

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Congratz! I totally agree. I just use vitamin E capsules though; break them and apply it to my red marks. It definitely calms them down and helps fading. But beware of vitamin E with soybean oil...I made that mistake and broke myself out! :confused: So I stopped using it. I am recently using it again (100% E) and loveee it.

Some advice... I adore AHA products for helping fade red marks. I have a lot of red marks from my BP/popping days. Before prom, I spazzed out because I suffered from red marks on my upper arms and was wearing a strapless dress. Desperate, I bought Neutrogena Healthy Face lotion (with AHA and vitamins). Using it on my upper arms x2 a day for a few weeks faded them dramatically (I also used Head&Shoulders to heal existing acne, which works surprisingly!) It also has worked on my face, but I wanted a more powerful AHA for the darker marks on my face. I recently switched to 8% AHA (by Kissmyface) but am only using it every other day because of the high concentration. My skin is smooth, but I have not noticed a huge difference yet. My skin is also very light/semi-olive and susceptible to red marks, so I have a lot of work to do yet. :redface:

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