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Silicone works for scarring!

Untill 5 years later, the shape of your face changes and you are stuck with a permanent filler. Result = deformed face.

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yep do research on REALSELF.com

I actually was at a doc one time and he tried to sell me on these silicone fillers... and said they do it slowly so no overcorrection...

Not the most expensive and probably gives some great immediate results. Some poster here actually had them done with great results....

Long term results who knows? I am sure some people COULD be happy with them long term...but

I do not think this is worth the RISK at all.

Look up realself.com...people doing intensive research on How to REMOVE these safely...and there is no answer for them....this seems to be a one way road.

So if your silicone filler drifts or something happens, to remove them completely is almost impossible.

Do the research and I personally wouldn't recommend this because of that.

Basically they inject silicone into your face and collagen develops around the filler.

There are risks of drifting and not being accepted by your body.

And it's permanent.

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lol yeah i agree with faz, youd probably be alright. although as you age and your face beings to sag, the silicone fillers may start to look like lumps. there isnt a good way of getting rid of them, other than cutting them out, which one poster on here had done.i too looked on realself.com and there werent any good suggestions, but there rarely is on that site. they should invent a solution that can destroy the permanent filler if needed. i know when i get my fillers, im going for temporary ones.

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The shape of your face is really only going to change if you lose or gain huge amounts of weight.

I think if you keep yourself at a steady weight, then you shouldn't really have an issue with your face reshaping.

Wait.. what?

Ofcourse your face changes, especially if you are as young as most people here are.

Why do you think hardly anyone still does permanent fillers? Go read up the horror stories.

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