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Nearly Naked touch pad ALMAY

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I am so curious about thie stuff.

If anyone has used it, I would love to hear your opinions on it.

On the Almay web site, it doesn't really tell much about this product, even tough it is their new advertised foundation.

It sounds like it must be really sheer, but they say it covers imperfections.

If you try the foundation picker on their web site, it never seems to choose this product, no matter what skin type and coverage you enter, maybe they haven't updated this feature yet, odd.

My guess is that it will be unremarkable and not really good for covering anything.

I am pessimistic about foundation.

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When I used this last summer, my mother insisted that my makeup looked really natural and better than it had for a long time. I still think that she was having trouble seeing at the time though. wink.gif

*BUT* when I recently tried using it again, I found it to be greasy and oil slickish. Maybe its the sunblock I'm now using, or any of the other products that I use, but I really wouldn't recommend this if you have oily skin. It offers light coverage in natural colors, but won't seriously cover any red marks.

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I've tried this, and I really didn't like it.

It has a watery consistency, and hence is very sheer and won't cover red marks or acne. It made my face shiny, and my skin is normal with an oily nose. The touch pad also doesn't seem very sanitary or safe for the acne prone. wink.gif

That said, my mum uses this and loves it. I can see this working if you have good dry skin. It'll even things out and give a dewy finish.

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I decided to try it, and I think I like it.

I have oily/combo skin (more oily than just T-zone), that is acne prone.

I feel like it is smooth and watery going on, but dries quickly.

It is not built up on the face or too matte, which I hate.

It doesn't seem shiny or oily to me at all, but a little dewy - which I think is more natural and healthy looking than matte (especially on oily and darker skinned people).

It seems to look pretty natural, especially the color I got, nice surprise!

Probably the colors work pretty well, as it is so sheer.

It only reduces red marks a little, as it is sheer like you all said.

But, I don't want a heavy makeup, so I was expecting that.

I decided a while ago that I would rather look less than perfect and not look all made up.

I am working on my red marks, and when I get these marks under control this may be great makeup.

I will have to see if it will break me out or not though.

I also thought that the touch pad thing seemed like a bad bacteria trap for acne prone skin.

It does say it has an anti-bacterial touchpad, so I don't know, that is a definite concern.

I do think it looks better than nothing right now, as it diminishes the imperfections just enough to look a lot better.

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