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I have more red marks from acne than actual breakouts, but I always battle acne.

I used to sell makeup at a department store, but I am not really a fan of makeup.

I think that looking "nude" is the best.

It is so difficult to have a natural, nude looking foundation and still cover up acne/scars.

I love tinted moisturizer (can be a breakout problem though), spot treatment and light powders, but that is not always enough.

Also, with oily skin it seems to me that the more matte your face looks, the less natural and healthy it appears, as it doesn't match your neck, etc.

I also have light-med olive toned skin which makes any matte product look even more bizarre.

Anyway, I think that using a face primer can help a lot, and I wanted to see what others thought.

Lots of companies make primers, but I haven't used many of them yet.

I really like the Paula Dorf Perfect Primer for oily skin, it seems to help stop dirt and stuff from getting to my face during the day, and reduces breakouts.

It also reduces pinkness a little, makes pores appear smaller and skin surface more even.

The only problem is that a lot of foundations pill up on top of it, or just don't smooth on properly over it (It is even described as compatible with some of their own foundations and not others).

Primers are designed to create a better surface for makeup application, and alow you to use less makeup for a better result.

Most professional makeup artists use primers now.

I thought I would bring it up and see if anyone had some good recommendations.

Also, just a thought for people to look into a primer, if they haven't.

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Sounds good. Hook me up. lol. Where abouts can you buy them and how much do they cost?

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I cannot live without my MAC matte texture cream, works wonders for me.

PeterThomas Roth also makes a decent primer.

Cat Cosmetics Silk Purrfection was okay, but it broke me out.

Laura Mercier's primer set my skin on fire.

I have never tried Smashbox's primer, but there are some good reviews of it on Makeup Alley.

Prescriptives Line Smoother also works well for me.

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So far I have never seen any at the drug store; it is a matter of time I am sure.

Generally, they are a department store line type of product, but I think well worth trying.

I haven't tried too many different ones on my own face, but I have used a bunch on other people.

As I said, I really like Paula Dorf's Perfect primer for oily skin, but it has compatability issues with a lot of foundations.

Primers are like any other face product, it takes some sampling to find a good one for you.

The problems, other than potential break out issues, are whether or not it works with your foundation and achieves the results you are looking for.

I would go to a department store and look around, get some samples and see what you think.


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I rather like the one by Nars. The only problem is that I am usually applying my foundation over acne meds (Duac) and moisturizer as it is, so adding a THIRD step can be a bit tedious. For this reason, I generally only use primer when I don't have to apply acne meds first. Oh...the things we do to make ourselves boo-tee-full!

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