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Biotin in B-Complex

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I want to take B-Complex, but I am a bit worried about Biotin. I have read a lot of stuff that claims that Biotin breaks you out.

Is this true? Are there any B-Complexes without Biotin, or is it usually such a small amount that it won't contribute much and potentially break me out?

One I looked at contains 100μg of Biotin, and another contains 0.50mg of Biotin.

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I also have some concerns about biotin. I've heard that it helps skin, but I also heard it makes you break out. I don't really know what to believe anymore. Anyone have any answers?

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for me personally, b complex broke me out, but I had biotin alone at a dose of about 100x the amount that was in the b complex, and didn't break out. Didn't really help either though.

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I've also been very curious about Biotin, but I haven't really drawn any conclusions based on what I have heard. The general consensus is that young women taking it in large quantities by itself for hair and nail growth has caused them to break out. Whether or not it was because it wasn't taken without other B vitamins (such as B5), or because they are women and have different biological makeup than men is entirely up in the air.

I would like to hear from some people that have:

1. Taken multivitamins with biotin

2. Taken b-complex vitamins

3. Taken biotin by itself.

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I had bought some B-Complex but stopped using it because my skin got worse, so I had contributed it to that. I think next time I'll just buy a certain Vitamin B...

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