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I just washed my face how - How long do I apply moisturiser?

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I'm on accutane. About 3 and half weeks in to it.

It hasn't dried my face as much. But advice I have been given by people on this board is to apply moisturiser.

So I wash my face, how long before I apply moisturiser?

Straight away? - people say if you do it straight away your pores are opened up and the moisturer clogs your pores up = skin can't breathe - more acne.

If I wait for 20mins for face to settle down, put moisturer on. The moisturiser don't get deep into your skin and there more chance of it drying out?

So what is best?

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Moved to Accutane posts. Please read the forum headings and descriptions so you'll know where to post topics.

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Just splash some on and hope for the best.

Just kidding. Do what Steve32 said.

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So pretty much straight away then?

Yes, but it's really your preference. If you apply while your face is still somewhat damp (ie, right after toweling), it might do its job better.

Also, pores do not open and close, so you don't need to worry about that. Heating the skin can plump it up, making pores APPEAR larger, but they do not actually change. Cold does the opposite to skin...makes it less plump, making pores appear smaller. But again, no ACTUAL change. Pores are what they are. They don't open and close like doors. :)

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