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Alright, before I start, just thought I would post something in here about bacne, since I myself had it when I was 14. They were all over my upper back, by my shoulders, and the way I got rid of it? Didn't do a damn thing. Washed in the shower like any person, and that was it. It's clear now, nothing at all. Just thought I'd put that in here in case someone was finding none of the advice working, try that, I have absolutely nothing now and don't even worry about it anymore.

Anyways, what I wanted to ask was, how much benzoyle peroxide gel is too much to use? I bought some Benzagel 5 (5%bpgel) from the pharmacy, which I have in my bathroom, but right now I am using up my prescription for clindoxyl. Now, it says in the regimen that you should use one finger to know how much to use...well I tried it, and it didn't do anything...so now I'm at 2 fingers, sometimes 2 and a half because I need the last half to cover my forehead. In the last couple of days of doing this I have seen it go down BIG TIME in my problem area (right side of my face, mostly in front of the area where a guy would have long sideburns, don't know what it's called, behind hte cheek, in front of sideburn area) Now this is making me run out of gel fast, but it is the only way that I have seen it work. Just today however I noticed that I got a kind of breakout around my mouth, with some small whiteheads, but yea that will go away soon I guess.

Just wondering, is it that I'm using too much, or should I just stay with this amount if it is working. Also, because I put it on so thick, when it dries, it doesn't leave any white residue (well a little but oh well), but it covers the redness nicely, looks better, im a little hard pressed to reduce the amount, but if you guys think that's bad, then tell me.

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