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Acne, PE Health Issues and the Potential of Accutane

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Hello, new member here, and I apologize if I skipped any pre-requisites by posting right away without a formal hello (if so, might I hope this will suffice).

I am 31 yr old female, Caucasian of Irish/German decent who has suffered Acne (and Rosacea) for the last minimum 15 years.

I have tried the normal variety of drugs:

Mostly topicals at a young age, T-Gel, Persa-gel in the old days, and Retin-A, while more recent tried Retin-A (and varieties of it) , Tetra and the Doxy versions (Tetra gave me horrible balance issues to where I could not walk and keep upright) and Doxy was just all over ineffective (however surprisingly without any side effects). I’ve tried Finacea, Proactiv (and the host of other competitive products that claim to do the same) and other facial treatments from brands like Dermalogica or Clinique. I’ve tried the Inova pads (which was a disaster, can we say it contained sulfa?) in both strengths to end up with a burned face that took a week or more to calm down/peel after properly following all instructions for that product.

This said, I also suffer some other issues that make treating my issues difficult. I have a kidney disease called TBM, which means that I am on the reg. restrictions for any KD suffers (diet restrictions, no advil/aleve/aspirin, etc) as well as allergic to quite a host of anti-botics (Any sulfa-drugs, penicillin, and more) which limits my antibiotics to Cipro (and family) and a small number of others. With my KD, I’ve been advised NOT to TTC, so that’s not an issue or something to consider. I’ve been tested to have a very low Vit D count (working on with medicine) as well as B12 (also receiving intra-muscular shots for monthly) thanks to my diet requirements (low to no protein).

I was recently given the advice that perhaps Accutane (or similar product) would be the only cure for my acne issues, since the Rosacea for the most part is under control or not posing an immediate issue as I write this.

I hope to keep everyone informed, and look forward to a time where my face doesn’t look like a teenager on someone who is much older than that.

EDIT: I will also add that even while on a host of other Birth Control methods (Ortho, low, Yaz, etc) my acne was not minimized or even resolved by the addition of BC. I've been on BC since 18yrs of age and stopped last Sept due to avoid drug interactions/side effects with another medicine I was on at the time. I decided at that time to cease the BC with advice from my doctor and have not started since Sept 09.

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