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Going to derm tomorrow...what to expect?

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After reading this site for a few years in response to my moderate to severe acne, I've finally taken the plunge.

I'm a college student (rising junior to be specific) and have, like many of you, suffered from acne for many of my teenage years. While I never dealt with severe acne in high school, my skin certainly wasn't clear either. Now, as I look forward to my third year of college, my acne is getting worse. I've never before had as many whiteheads and pimples on my face at one time as I do now. And let me tell you...it sucks. Waking up each morning to see acne staring at me in the mirror is downright depressing.

I've tried multiple rx's throughout the years, none of which have helped. Thus, I've finally decided to seek out an accutane prescription.

I'll be going to the derm tomorrow afternoon asking for accutane. It will be my first visit to this derm but I'm hoping I am able to convey my strong desire to go on tane.

Anyways, if he does indeed agree to put me on accuane, what is the timeline for getting my prescription? What is and how long does the iPledge process take? I also have to get blood work done before, correct?

Basically, if I go to the derm tomorrow and the verdict is accutane, when can I expect to begin my cycle?

Thanks for any help I might get...as scary as the side effects of accutane are, I'm more excited to go on the drug than I could've ever imagined. The thought of having clear skin on the horizon, albeit 5 months away, is incredibly appealing.

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The iPledge program is mainly dedicated to preventing females from getting pregnant with accutane in their system (which would directly cause birth defects in the child). Assuming your profile information is accurate and indeed you are a 20 year old male; then I don't think theres anything regarding iPledge that you need to worry about; however as a guy you still will need to register in it and agree with everything your derm brings up about it.

As a guy, you should be able to start your accutane course right out of the Derm visit. I went for my first derm visit and got a straight-up prescription for 80mg per day (I took my first accutane pill the evening of my first derm appointment). All my derm did was ask me how much I weigh, took a quick look at my skin, and wrote the prescription. It was a very fast process. Females it can be a very long process, like a month or two; they need to first enroll in the iPledge program, then get an ID type card; then a pregnancy test. And they can only get one month at a time.

So expect to most likely start your accutane... Well... Tomorrow.

So good luck with it, just tell your derm its been a struggle for you for quite some time now; and that you've tried everything except accutane. If you do that they should definitely prescribe you it.

I have now finished my 80mg per day accutane course as of 4 weeks ago or so and I have gotten excellent results from it. Side-effects can always be a worry to anyone hesitant about taking it (as I was).. But just try not to think too much about it as contemplation really does nothing good for you but give you stress.

Also you should just be given blood work stuff with your accutane prescription at your derm. At least in Canada they don't require you to have blood test results before they give you the actual prescription. All that happened with my derm was he gave me a blood work sheet and said to get my blood tested roughly 2 weeks after I start the accutane.

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Haha these are all questions I was going to ask, I am a rising sophomore and am going to the Derm tomorrow morning to try to get prescribed accutane.. I've tried antibiotics, every over the counter product and now am going in tomorrow to get accutane. Too bad school starts in a month and thats when the usual initial breakouts are :confused:

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visavise, I'm as ready as ever for today. Hope you are, too.

Let me know how it goes, and if you start your cycle!

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