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Help! How do i treat this!?

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Im so mad/sad about what I have done to my face! I had a decent sized pimple on the side of my face, parallel to my nose, and of course i couldn't resist the urge to pop it.

It was a little red after because i had used 2 knuckles to squeeze and pop it, but no biggie, i got it all out.

This all happened on Tuesday night, but then randomly, on Thursday, it decides to get really red and irritated! By Friday and Saturday, it was a massive abrasion/ piece of skin missing off my face! I am so clueless on what to do, it looks SO terrible!

I've been putting Neosporin on it every night, but it doesn't seem to really help much? I'll leave a picture at the end to help y'all understand what I am going through. Today is now Tuesday, and it had gotten a little better looking, but now it is starting to peel, revealing more redness!

I'll also note that i stopped taking Accutane in May, which by the way, RUINED my face. This kind of stuff never used to happen. Now my face is super sensitive and is STILL breaking out.

The area I am talking about is the black circle in the picture.


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ohh puh lease.

thats nothing. at. all.

i have so much worse than that. mine are scars and their terrible. i have to cover it with makeup ALL THE TIME. if you wanna feel better ill send you pics of my face to see how much better off you are.

~don't worry it'll heal just keep on putting neosporin because neosporin has healing properties and has some scar prevention properties too.

~when you're not putting neosporin on it, try putting a moisturizer on it to prevent it from drying and peeling. for better healing you should ALWAYS keep it moist because you don't want it to scab over forcing you to be impatient and start peeling and picking eventually leading to a scar. don't put like water to keep it moist, keep on applying moisturizer on it and don't let it dry.keep that in mind.

don't worry about it. it'll be fine trust me. i've had that plenty of times believe me. and learn from my mistakes. i'm only 16 and i pretty much hate my skin right now. its terrible and im going on vacation tom so everyone can see my hideous scarful face. yea i cover it with makeup but whatever.

with skin like mine. i WISH i had your skin. to me your skin is like perfect.

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